What is the current state of FM7 on PC?

I was considering purchasing FM7, but the numerous accounts of crashes and issues made me take a step back. I’ve already had a bad experience with the game due to the free trial crashing on launch. I wanted to know how much of the issues on PC have been fixed/improved and if it is worth buying the game. Thanks!

Haven’t had any crashes in months on PC. The only thing that annoys me atm is the faulty animation of some of the people in the audience. And - of course - the horrific windows store which doesn’t allow me to move the game to a different drive (not any more… it used to work).

Same here, no crashes for months, no stuttering, no hiccups, no problems at all. Yet others with comparable specs have issues. Might be the game, more likely the problem is on the user side, but no one can tell you for sure if you will have problems or not

I haven’t really had one problem with the game on PC since it was released until a few days ago. Played fine in the morning and then when I played five hours later, it magically became a completely unplayable stuttering mess. No update happened. No driver changed. Just magically decided it didn’t want to work anymore and is now 100% unplayable. No other games I’ve tried have any issue at all. It’s the only one. Considering the lack of help regarding this issue for the past 2 years I can only assume it’s the end of the road for me and I’ve wasted 150 dollars. It WILL NOT happen again. I see now that buying a game this unstable without proper support is pure foolishness.

That’s f´d up, sorry about your problems. I think T10 doesn’t know why the game isn’t running for some people themselves. The problems appear to be somewhat random. Some people have claimed its related to over clocking, others say drivers, yet others say software incompatibilities, page file size, its your pick. You could try a clean windows install, with all drivers up to date, but it might be just a waste of time

i can confirm- no problems since month, all smooth and fine, a small issue - from time to time the grapics settings changing to window instead of fullscreen - happens only at gamestart.
if you have stuttering check / increase your virtual memory settings. My PC: I7-6700k, Nvidia gtx 970, 16GB ram, game on HD, Win10/64 on ssd. (all bout 2years old) fps 60-120 on 2K

Used to have crashes regularly, haven’t had many lately. The menu is almost always laggy. Autoshow, garage, even upgrades. And if you enter “apply decal” mode, expect to spend about 10 seconds leaving, even if you’ve not done anything to your car.

Runs Great for me, I can get 4K Ultra 50fps or 1440p Ultra 80-90fps

PC Spec

Ryzen 7 1700
16gigs of 3200mhz ram
Windows 10 Preview (latest Update)

I bought my PC just to play FM7. Had some very bad experiences in the beginning. Much better these days…running on a i5, GTX 1050 w/ 2GB and 20GB ram.