What is the best car for the circuit of America track...tough track...frustrated

Any suggestions? Thank you!!

COTA GP and COTA West are both tracks that favour cars with high acceleration for the short straights, medium-to-high grip for the long curves and soft suspension for the high kerbs.

Here’s a few examples to try in the B, A and S public lobbies:

Ford GT
Ford Mustang '65
JEEP Grand Wagoneer
Honda S2000
Honda NSX '05 (GTR JuularDT has plenty of good S Class tunes you should try for this car)
Lotus '99 / '05/ 2-Eleven
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR '99 / MR '04
Nissan GTR '93 / '02
TVR Sagaris

I’ve essentially just given you a list of really strong cars which isn’t always the best thing to do, but these are good starting points to feel how the track should be driven and you can experiment with other cars from there.

Any other car classes needed, just try the leaderboards.