What is endurance racing?

I have seen in the wish list many requests for endurance races and I got to wondering.

What do you consider an endurance race? Is a race over 15 minutes? 30 minutes? an hour?

To me an endurance race lasts about an hour. An hour is the amount of time I feel comfortable sitting playing the game.

Edit: I should clarify my question. What length of time should an endurance race last in Forza Motorsport 6?
My answer is 60 minutes.

PS: I know I’m the person that asked why we should be allowed to post new threads in this forum. Well, I can’t think of any of the default threads this would belong to. It isn’t a wish list item or news. Irony bites.

Endurance racing is like 50 laps on one track, or 10 if it’s the ring.

It’s something I personally do not want to see in career, leave it to custom setups if it must be in. I simply don’t like spending so much time in a video game on one race like that anymore.


I agree, leave it for custom setups. I would rather not see endurance in career either. I know some people have complained that the races in the hoppers are too short but they are good for me since I have a four year old running around and often two nephews I babysit as well. I just don’t really have the time to commit to really long races.

I agree,at least 50 laps.

If they were in Career which they should be all you would need to do is ignore them.

I’m a completionist. Ignoring them, wouldn’t be an option. Frankly, I am glad they removed them from career. They were too much of a hassle. And took way too long.

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50 laps could well exceed 2 hours. Far too long for a game. I doubt I could go 30 mins without being interrupted, need to take a leak or grab a smoke. In career you could stretch to 20 + laps but in MP where having to quit could ruin the race for others I’d say 10 - 15 laps. It’s all well and good starting a 50 lap race but generally there’s too wide a spread of ability and speed between players that most would quit within the first few laps. The few that remain would generally be laps apart. Sprints dominate Forza for this reason but I do believe that the standard race length should be 3 laps on tracks with a >2min par, 5 laps on tracks with 1.5 - 2 min par and 7 laps on the short tracks.


Yep, I’m the same way. Thirty minutes is about as long as I can sit down at one time before needing to one of those three things.


In FM4 there were a couple of ways to achieve custom races - online against AI, online against people, free play.

Just give people these options but don’t force it on anyone.


This. I think it’s important to have it as an option, or an event on the events list, but not forced onto players in either solo or multiplayer.

I enjoy endurance racing and the longer events, but I would not appreciate being forced to do them. If Turn10 wishes to make more sales and appeal to a broader, more casual, gamer audience they cannot force endurance racing on players for one main reason, time. Imagine the average gamer sitting down to play Forza and suddenly the game throws you into an hour long race and you only have 25 minutes to play. :S

It’s even tougher online where you cannot pause, especially for those with kids.

Again, I enjoy endurance racing, and would love to see it’s return in Motorsport 6 but I think it needs to be an option. Add endurance events to the event list like they did in FM4, allow public and private user created lobbies, or have an endurance event lobby people can jump into.

As MrGoldenFoxHD said, two separate careers might be a little extra work, but very enjoyable if they don’t take the FM4 approach. World Tour as okay, but I always found myself playing the event list anyway. I think the event list, with all the possible events should return. This would allow us to pick with events to do, when, and everyone is happy. Then, make the career mode have a bit more realistic approach - [optional] qualifiers, and longer [than 3 lap] races, or timed races where most distance in 10 minutes wins.


I agree endurance racing should be in an online custom event maybe but then again i believe if car rewards make a comeback and you get rare car (maybe a unicorn) in the game for completing a hard race or endurance race im all in doing it but if the only thing you you re getting is 150k i would propably never have the proper motivation to do them .
I remember the days where me and a friend of mine would take turns to complete 99 lap races in gt2 and gt3…

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Aside from the “add race length as a difficulty option for career mode” requests I’ve seen (and co-sign), giving rare incentives like unicorns for things like endurance racing and other less “casual” gameplay elements is one of the best ideas I’ve seen yet. T10 could even offer a historically relevant car with a unique livery for completing endurance races on specific tracks. Le Mans? You get a specially painted GT40. Daytona? A Ferrari 330 P4. Sebring? A BMW 3.0 CSL. And so on. They could be reproductions of the winning liveries from notable years, or they could be unique designs, just so long as they’re differentiated from the versions you can just buy in the showroom and are given some kind of special significance. Then maybe the people who like playing the game and collecting cars but usually shy away from hardcore endurance races would be motivated to give it a try.

they were usually around an hour long in the old games

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I am a little confused about something. How is having endurance races in the game forcing it on anyone?

If you don’t want to do the endurance races, DON’T. It is that simple. Why take endurance races away from others?

Think about Forza Horizon 2. I don’t like off road racing. It is in the game. They are forcing it on me. If I want to get he achievement for completing all the championships, I have to do them. The game should be changed so that I get the achievement by doing all the championships that don’t involve off road racing.

I hope everyone sees the sarcasm here. The above argument is stupid. I think there is a reward in Horizon 2 for completing 100 championships. I might be able to do that with competing in no or very few off road races. Something similar can be done in Motorsport 6.

Have we gotten to the point where everyone has to be able to get all the achievements without doing events they don’t want? How politically correct do we have to be?

Many people want to the endurance races. Just because some people don’t want it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game.

Has anyone tried setting up an endurance race in Motorsport 5? You almost always get an odd selection of cars that would never race against each other. I find this very unsatisfying. With career races built into the game, there would be longer races with cars that would actually race against each other.

I apologize for the rant but when people say putting something in the game they don’t want (edit: had ‘won’t’ instead of ‘don’t want’) is forcing it on them, it seems like whining to me, especially when there is nothing in the game forcing them to do it.


My suggestion does not take endurance races away from anyone. I am not sure if you read one sentence and missed the rest. EDIT: actually the first half of the same sentence says give people the options to set up the races how they like.

My suggestion gives everyone the ability to set up the races the length they want, on the track they want, set the weather they want, set the time of day they want, with the cars they want and with the opponents they want.

If they want to run 5 races of 100 laps each at Nordschleife they can do so.

If they want 20 x 10 lap races ie 1 at each track they can do so.

They can do it offline, online etc

Your argument goes both ways - if you don’t care to complete a career mode then you should be happy to have the “option” to set up races anyway you like.

I am not suggesting you should not have the ability to do endurance races. My suggestion gives you more options to set them up with your exact preferences. I can not remember which Forza game it was but one of the games had some endurance races but they did not have my preferred track/car combination.

If you have the ability to set up races any way you like there should be no complaints.

EDIT 2: The fact that there is a question with different answers re “How long should an endurance race be?” means the ability to create custom races, either offline or online, is better than someone at Turn 10 putting something in the game that they think will keep the endurance fans happy. I mean what if they put in 20 lap races but someone wants 10, someone else wants 50?

I have made the following suggestion about a previous Forza game - give us more freedom in career mode and have a drag racing arc, drift arc, endurance arc etc and we choose which arc we go down in career.

My suggestion is more about freedom of choice rather than taking anything away from anyone.

yes, we have.

We reached this point with 5 specifically when they started giving out 1st place for 1 - 3 etc.

I however, agree with you. Lets just hope T10 see’s what they have done (since 3 onwards) and see that splitting the 2 audiences might be best. FH/FM.


I would argue that giving 1st place for 1-3 is because the race only goes for 2-3 laps now and that you start way back in the field. This is acknowledgement that to get 1st you will probably need to resort to barging through other cars and taking any shortcut you can find.

I think the solution is simple - allow us to set race length for each race in options.

Keep the default at the 2-3 laps but allow us to jump into options and bump up the duration of the race so that if we want, every race could be an endurance race or every race can be a bargy smash sprint.

Something like - Sprint - Short - Regular - Long - Endurance - and the game can allocate a certain distance for each and can round off to the nearest number of laps that matches the distance - say 5km - 15km - 40km - 100km - 500km - something like that, just picking ballpark numbers.

Done, everyone happy.

The medal thing was flawed because they put the label of medal on it.

What they really wanted to achieve is where a podium is good enough to progress in career.

They should just go with a championship points system but then what do you need to progress in career - win the championship or podium it? I now this is a little off topic though.

long enough to run out of fuel.


If endurance races are in career, they are forced on everyone who wants to finish career fully. Eventually people will have to do them. That’s how they would be forced.

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