What is CDF

I have come across tunes that have CDF in the name or description and I don’t know what that is. Can someone please tell me if they know what that is referring to?

May have something to do with the French tuners. CDF. Coupe de France. I have no clue. Just an idea cause I’ve seen it a lot with French motor sports.

Now that you mention it, it has been the French tuners that use CDF in the description of there tunes. I guess I will message a BAM member and ask them.

Thanks MattP27 for responding. Do you have any new tunes shared or a tune list yet?

yop! CDF is for “championnat de france” (french championship) all the tune with “CDF” are related to a race.

Thanks Osef. now I know what it means.

I have been using a lot of BAM shared and open source tunes lately and they are excellent.

There are done to be excellent, or we try to :wink: Thanks for your returns ajd440ex38