What I want from Forza Motorsport 7

I haven’t seen this started yet, if it has I apologize. I feel like it is way to late for any actual “wishlist” item will ever make it into 6 so I am going to put a few things up that NEED to addressed for 7.

Drag Racing,

This needs to be given an overhaul and an actual chance to be what it could be. At the very least, fix the functionality. The test drive in 6 is a joke. No countdown, no E.T. Nothing! No freeplay, no way to split screen or drag race offline. Leaderboards ARE in 6, has been shown that the are in 6. Fix this for 7. It makes no sense to not have these be usable.

There needs to be drag race specific upgrades. Giant cubic inch engines, tunable boost turbos, proper NOS, proper size wheels and tire, wheelie bars, trans brake, weight distribution. There are plenty other things, you all can add to this.


Pretty much the same attention drag deserves, drift should get the same. I’m certain there are drift specific parts that should or could be in this game. Engine mods, suspension, tires and wheels

Body mods,

Something other than the 10 year old forza aero kit!!! After 10 years and 8, 9 if you count FnF, games and we still have the same front splitter, rear wing and 2 hoods. Come on! How about some creativity and effort!

Customizable private lobbies,

This should just be in there, no, needs to be. Period.

Basically, I feel like the longer we cling to the forza 6 wishlist, it’s gonna be just like while we played 5, brought up all the stuff we wanted fixed on a 5 wishlist, the 6 came out and nothing was really fixed. With a bigger better system, I would hope that people at “Microsoft”, which pretty much is Turn 10 have some sort of motivation to make a better game than the last 2. Push yourselves to be better. Make a better game. No shortcuts or “we can just leave that out”'s. Be the developer that isn’t blindly pushing out annual titles without care to what is actually being released. These games have all been great. Not disputing that. But there is not one person that can honestly say that they are close to what they could or should be!!


I completely agree with all of what you said, however that being said as much as I would love to see the extra customization for certain race types, I just can’t see forza doing this. Let’s be honest the forza franchise hasn’t changed in the car customization a whole lot.(except for the ability to remove a wing lol) I feel like the devs just stick with what they’ve been doing since its the most played racing game on Xbox. Also you have to take in account that they are trying to make money like any other company/developers, what this means is they target the games features to be fun and for anyone to be able to use seamlessly . While yes not everyone understands tuning but that’s just 1 thing that most people don’t know how to use, so imagine if Turn10 added all the extra customization that lets be honest the majority of forza players would have no idea what they are, the casual players which makes up most of the forza players would find the game too complicated and too intimidating. My overall point is that Forza is a business and they design the game to attract more people, and people like you and I who want these realistic custimization options have to just make do what there is for us currently. But hopefully I’m wrong and Turn10 does implement these ideas.


I see your points and understand. I have to say at this point, the things you are saying about customization and tuning aren’t something I agree with. We as customers and fans of this series have to stop letting the developers of these games off the hook “because they are a business to make money”. They ARE a business, yes. Not evolving or growing, becoming better as a game or franchise instead of pushing out games shouldn’t be something that we, as the people that SPEND our money on their product, should just be happy with.

As far as the tuning and extra parts, there has always been updrades, tuning and painting. It has not been more complicated from the 1 to 6. What I was suggesting with specific upgrades doesnt mean more difficult. Actually might make things more straight forward. Regardless of how complicated it becomes, there will always be people that build tune and share their work for the people that don’t know what they’re doing. Always been that way. Adding proper, updated parts and upgrades would do nothing but make things more enjoyable.

There is alot that can be done with Forza, money to be made as a company, not to mention new excitement and fan base by bringing some new life into the game. Not mod cards and wheel spins. As I said before, to have leaderboards IN the game that you can’t access?!

For me, it is really hard to accept developers just sticking to what they have been doing. Why is it OK for them to not push themselves. I work my but off everyday to have the money to spend on their games. Just because everything else is crap in the racing genre doesn’t translate to Forza being great. Yeah, it’s the best for right now but sooner or later one of these others will get it right. Will include proper parts for drag and drift, offer more than one front bumper or spoiler and so long forza!!

That will be a sad day because I have loved this franchise for years. There is still plenty to do but there is so much more that could be made better, fixed or added. I’m not holding my breath, but I am also not going to preorder or buy any ultimate or vip edition unless things change. I’m sure I’m not alone.


Your absolutely right man. I feel like the past forzas have kind of been like a cheaper version of the older ones, yeah the graphics are nice but it’s missing all the little things that made Forza 4 for instance one of the best ever in the series, forza 5 felt rushed for release, and forza 6 Im in a love/hate relationship. I also agree that we work too hard and spend our money on a game that is missing some very simple and key parts, like you said about the leaderboards an especially the user created races absolutely bs, who’s idea was to take that out… Anyways before i go on a rant about that lol yeah but i defiantly see where your stance is. Guess we just have to wait :confused:


Really? I’m the only one that thinks bringing some things up while still EARLY in the production process might be benificial?


What I want in Forza 7 is a career structure similar to Forza 2 and 4 with varied events, the storefront, more city tracks, Suzuka, Motegi, Maple Valley, Fujimi Kaido and MY personal favorite cars to return.

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