what i did to be able to play the demo on pc... it used to crash at the playground games logo

alright… days ago, i’ve made a post about the fact that the demo was crashing at the playground games logo (or would go all the way to the “press a/enter to start” and wouldn’t accept my commands). after lots of attempts, i’ve managed to play it!

the issue was 100% related to the sound configurations. i opened the audio control panel and disabled every sound device listed (if you’re going to follow my steps, keep this panel open. it will be useful for what comes next). after that, i started the demo. surprise! the thing started perfectly. i came back to the panel, enabled all the previously disabled devices… and there was no sound. closed the demo, went back to the sound control panel, went to the “enhancements” tab, unchecked the “disable all enhancements” option; after that, went to the “advanced” tab and set “24 bit, 48000 hz” as the default format. disabled the audio devices, started the demo, enabled the audio devices and… the demo runs perfectly, with perfect sound.

i have to do those steps every single time i start the demo. it’s better than not being able to play it, though…

i really hope i can help someone with that (both players and developers). enjoy the demo!