What happened to TURN10

Forza 5 is a shell of Forza 4. I feel like they have given up on Forza Motorsports.

What happened?

We have been forsaken…I’ve always wanted to say that. Seemed appropriate here.

Yes, let see… just pointing out a few:

  1. No Auction House
  2. Less Tracks (oh yeah Laser scanned… NOT)
  3. No Personal Storefront
  4. Less tracks
  5. Fewer Cars
  6. Less Tracks
  7. Less rewards
  8. More credits required
  9. Less Tracks

But, they’ve added Tokens!

Just for folks who never knew or forgot:
Forza 3 Track Data Base

BTW… No I did not repeat Less Tracks… I actually left some off!

regarding the tracks - so we are basically missing the Japanese tracks and Mugello from FM3 (unless you care about the made up tracks - I always liked Maple Valley but don’t miss it or any other fictional track) I"m thinking you should have linked to the FM4 tracks because you could add Sonoma (Infinon) and Hockenheim. So 6 missing real life tracks that were replaced by 2 great additions (Spa and Long Beach).

Down 4 tracks is a bummer but not too bad for a launch game on a new console where they had to basically create a new graphics and physics engine. Certainly better than GT5 Prologue but they didn’t sell that game for full price I guess. (although my Forza came free with the console)

The the other missing features are a bit of a bummer as well but who knows - if they remade the auction house and storefront and everything, perhaps we would have had 4 less tracks and 50 less cars??? I think it was a good effort considering their launch window and enough to keep me entertained still till Project Cars. Hopefully Forza 6 will match the content of FM4 with next gen graphics, 60 fps, and day/night transitions, dynamic weather and animated pit stops.


Quality. T10 took much of their available resources to have the best graphics as possible.

Not true, project car’s has fantastic graphics and a hell of a lot more features.

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Oh and it’s so coming out next mon…oh wait, no one can buy it until March unless they donated money to a studio known for it’s recent disappointment in racing sims and playing the blame game on EA (such an easy target). I can pull up old quotes of theirs from SHIFT2 that mimic the hype of PCARS if you’d like or you can just stop bringing up a game that isn’t out and no one has really played on a console.


I was going to reply, but noticed your name… so I think that covers it… cause you obviously have no idea what your saying!

Well first off it was delayed, we all know that so I won’t bother you with why’s and if’s.

Here is things from SHIFT 2…not PCARS, a game which was universally lauded as being downright terrible.

Now, before you go to all the “they got real drivers working on the game now” stuff you have this.

I can go find a lot more interviews where the same hype is recycled from the shift series for Project CARS. I hope the game turns out good, I really do, FM5 as a racing game has been a disappointment to me as well but I’m not holding my breath and dying over it.

… and because the Xbox One is a low-end PC at best the graphics weren’t great anyway. Whatever happened to the infinity power of the cloud??? Seriously if I actually saw Forza 5 playing in a game store or electronic store before I bought my Xbox One I wouldn’t have bought it at all. Then there’s the excuses of why there was no rain or night time races. The real reason is the Xbox One itself as there is only so much you can do with off the shelf low-end PC hardware. If of course I am wrong when Forza 6 comes around I will eat my words and run around the street naked (up and back anyway :oP).

So glad to see this topic created as no one has ever brought this up before!

as for Project Cars … gotta wait another 5 months before we can see how that runs! Providing it doesnt get put even further back!

A new console came out and a developer chose not to port an old game over to the new console.


This is exactly what happened and Thank God!
(with the addition of Road America, Long Beach, and Nurbugring - it feels like a complete game to me. Although I could have used some more racing cars.)

Aren’t you well over a year behind on this thread? A quick search could have provided you with countless hours of locked and unlocked threads to read regarding the manner.

FM has not been abandoned at all. Since the Xbox One is more powerful and more capable, they had to rescan all cars and change a few things, that’s why FM5 had less cars and tracks. But it was still a leap forward compared to FM4. Yes we would’ve rather had more cars and tracks to play with, but that would’ve meant we would’ve had to wait another year at least for FM5.

FM6 is looking very promising. Think of it as FM5 but with new cars, tracks and finally, weather and night racing (we hope, but seems likely since it’s been done with FH2). And according to Turn10’s release schedule, we can look forward to a October 2015 release for FM6.

Now here is what I find very frustrating: Turn10 says the FM and the FH series are two complete different types of racing games and hence cannot be compared or replace each other. So why then do they completely abandon FM5 for example when FH2 comes out? Or abandon FH when FM5 came out (that time is was kind of more understandable because we were moving onto a new console, the Xbox One). Or abandon FM4 when FH1 came out? etc, etc.

I love and prefer FM over the FH franchise, but I do still buy FH and find it fun and different to play sometimes. But FM5 definitely needs more content to keep me going back to play it. I think if FM6 has a lot more cars and tracks than FM5, it will keep me playing it a lot longer than FM5 did, since there will be more to do. But we need much more Rivals and other such challenging content to keep us entertained after the game has been out for a while. I find career mode such a grind and with FM5 the Rivals challenges (the non-monthly, permanent ones) are varied and easily accessible, but also feel boring and a bit of a grind. If FM5 had a more interesting, enjoyable and fun career mode and Rivals events, it would’ve kept me interested for much longer…

Eh… And you know this, how?

As above how do you know this?

Sadly I used to hold the same promise as you do over the franchise, but a year after the release of FM5, (half a game) there’s a FM6 on the horizon!!( !Forgive the pun.) With a promise it’s everything that FM5 isn’t. Turn 10 have hyped enough games for me now, FH1 being the 1st, ( 2 days of gameplay). Forza 5 being the last straw. Only product I buy from now on will be 2nd hand as that’s all it will be worth. That’s a promise I can keep.
Again Turn 10 sad to say.

I would just like for them to officially come out and say either “Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that we are not going to release any new content for FM5” or “Hey, we still care about all of you, content will come at some point.” I have been a fan of the series since FM1 and I feel like the communication between T10 and the community has gone down. They even used to announce the packs a week ahead every time and then for FM5 they were really iffy on when they would announce.

As a fan of the franchise, I would like like to see better communication between T10 and us, the fans. I have been very loyal and I get all of the DLC, but FM5 was not up to what I really expected. I know it was rushed, but there could have been a lot more done with the game. The DLC started off slow and got much better, the last few DLC packs were great and so were the added tracks.

I am hoping the FM5 turns out to be a $60 demo for FM6. There are a lot of things that the fans would like to see in FM6. I definitely believe in T10 and I know they could see the disappointment in a lot of fans. They have been great on FM1-FM4, so I have no doubt the next one will be great.

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