What happened to the "Unicorn Car" event from yesterday?

I thought I had read that there was supposed to be an event yesterday with the Team 10 Team doing a Rivals event. And if you took part in the rivals event with them that there would be a unicorn car awarded to you.

I set the date and time in my reminder on my calendar and pretty much was on all day yesterday and have been checking back most of today as well. Nothing ever did show up.

Did this even take place?

What? Really? I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere. Will be seriously disappointed about this since they didn’t promote it at all it seems.

I remember seeing an post, I think it was on the Facebook page that said the Turn 10 Development Team would be racing Live against the participants and they would be awarded a unique car not available in any DLC.

I can’t find the info for it anymore. But I had it in my Calendar as soon as I saw the announcement.

Like I said, not very well promoted then. Communication is becoming more and more of an issue with this company.

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Very true, like they don’t even have their own support team, they need to up their game.