What happend with this game ????

Ok i love forza game i buy first xbox only just for that game… After i buy xbox one and Forza 5 I sit down and wonder what happened with this great game. Ok i play and wait for Forza 6 and buy xbox one limited edition and what happend i start play and what i got Forza 5.5 not 6… Ok now is out Forza 7 i preorder ultimate edition 80£ after few race oh nooo this is not Forza 7 this is Forza 6 with new menu new stupid crates,mods and "ultimate hard " and stupid drivertars. I play all Forza on expert mod but this 7 is hmm…

Ok who needs in motorsport crates and mods and stupid driver gear as a mummy astronaut. Vip no 100% reward ok Turn 10 you want more money from us ? How maybe no ! After pepole complained about vip pass you have announced that you will return it as it has been in previous games. You tried to rob us again and take away us more money ! You are now trying to turn out good and return vip double money. No thanks this is last time for me to buy your games motorsport and horizon title.

"Stop selling every two years same game with same cars same tracks and nothing new except new dlc and more giving money to you !

Time to say goodbay Turn 10 and Forza games !


And yet another pointless thread made to repeat the others…This is the best Forza ever in my opinion…the good far outweighs the not so good.


Yet another person complaining about someone being unhappy and rightfully so.

No, its far from the best Forza, thats fact. Also the good very very very far do not outweigh the not so good, again thats fact. They removed the core of Forza from the game, doesnt get much worse than that.

This game caters for the slow and simple casuals who enjoy racing computers. It resembles Horizon more than Motorsport.


His post is far from pointless. He has a very valid complaint. You’re happy with the game, that’s great and I’m truly thrilled for you. However, what makes your opinion any more relevant than his? Absolutely nothing… Fact is, that regardless of how many people like you that are happy with the game, there seems to be just as many long time players that are extremely unhappy. So, the unhappy players are not allowed to speak up, but you are? Seriously?

As to the good outweighing the bad, that all depends on what “you” want out of the game. I firmly believe that the bad far outweighs the good with game, but by your logic, I’m not allowed to mention that here, huh?


If people are not happy with a product they bought they have the right to express themselves, the good do not outweigh the bad.

Bad car sounds
Trees are 2D
Actually quality is lower than Forza 5/6
Game crashes every hour on PC
Paint shop is unusable for most
Online lobby lags because of the background
AI are horrible
Some users on windows 10 had to find an alternative route to download and install the game
Most Forza fans hate the new homologation system
No class lobbies or rivals (although they’re coming this week)

For some the class lobbies and rivals will be deciding factor to either keep or get rid of the game since most fans dislike the homologation, that will be the same for me to.

  1. Forza 5 was a great game. It just wasn’t as content-rich compared to previous Forza games due to the fact that Microsoft wanted Turn 10 to have it available at the Xbox One launch. All that being said, it STILL had more content that most other racing games at that time, just not the amount of content Forza players were used to.

  2. Forza 6 is Forza 5.5? Are you crazy?

  3. Forza 7 is simply fantastic. The driving - because despite the fact that some people forget, Forza is about driving - is better than it’s ever been. Same with the amount of sheer content available.

  4. Spelling and grammar, man…


No, Forza is not about driving…its about the freedom to do what you want, pick up and play, community racing, hotlapping etc…if it was about driving, it would be a proper simulator, which it far from is.

Sheer content available…massive lol


the only thing that bother s me is the horrible AI thats driving on rails

Sometimes the best course of action is to just let new threads in the long line of look-at-me-being-negative vein divebomb their way to the bottom of the page and then quickly into obscurity.

Speaking of best courses of action, it’s a good idea to recognize when someone is not writing in their native language before being overly critical of their spelling and grammar.


Totally agree this is by far the best forza ever, and with some fixes it will be beastly. Multiplayer lobbies will be added no doubt, stop crying and creating these threads…

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You know what, we’re not going to do this anymore.

Some of you like the game, you don’t need to post in the threads where people are expressing their disappointment.

Some of you dislike the game, you don’t need to post in the threads where people are expressing their enjoyment.

And none of you need to keep creating new posts and threads to cover the same ground.

Enough already.