What features can you miss in Forza Horizon V?

Just asking.

Non-free cars.

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Ranked adventures.

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The voice acting and the… “humor”


Prancing, dancing, clothes, chat phrases and ALL of the non-stop talking by the in-game staff, especially during a race. The cut scenes wouldn’t be missed either.


Locked cars and wheelspin-based progression, don’t care much for the online aspect of the game either (though as long as I’m not required to play it to get content it doesn’t bother me if it’s there for those who do enjoy it).


Hipster clothes
Eliminator as its own game, it should be a pg game
Legendary status
Cutscenes and dialogue
Lego expansion (Not because the expansion is bad, I just don’t have an opinion on it as I haven’t played it)
Funny cars
Funny horns
Freeroam rush
Exclusive cars in time-gated events
Houses, they’re nothing more than pricey starting location points
‘Prizes’ like 1k 2k and 5k


Woops, klooks like I forgot a few. I’ll pretty much go with your list (although I did enjoy the Lego expansion)

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Doug, I’m happy that you enjoyed the expansion. I do not have an opinion of the expansion as I haven’t tried it out due to lack of interest in it, but I heard there is very good tracks in it. So I will add in my post about that.

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years away. At least 2 or 3. What I can promise is racing will take a backseat, Not sure I would buy another Horizon game

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This is a list of things I could well do without in Horizon 5, along with Notes as to why I Could do without them!

I could well do without the Following,

  1. The Elderly, Xbox 360 Era “Forzatech” Engine and its Myriad Limitations.

Why? Forza needs a new Engine that will take full Advantage of the Data Streaming Abilities (meaning a much Larger Map!) Higher Quality Animation Potential (such as 900 Degree Steering Wheel Movement, Fully Animated Manual Gearboxes with a Lever that Goes into the Correct Slots, All Dials in the Dashboard working, Etc) and Higher Technical Ceiling (Faster Frame Rates, Smoother Animations and Higher Quality Texture Settings) afforded by Modern Systems such as One X, Series X and High End Gaming PC’s, as the Current Engine feels Laughably Limited and out of Date.

  1. 30FPS Running Speed at Low to Medium Settings in order to Prioritize 4K.

Why? I feel that FH5 Should Aim for the “Modern” Performance Targets of a Locked 60FPS Running Speed at High/Ultra settings instead, Even if that Means that “Series X” is only running it at 1080P! 30FPS is beyond a Joke these Days, as are Low and Medium Settings, it is Laughable especially with how much Horsepower One X and Series X have under the Hood! Its like Having a Plane fitted with the Engines from Thunderbird 2, and then Limiting them to only 30 Pounds of Thrust!

  1. Lootboxes (Wheelspins).

Why? They are Gambling in My Personal Opinion and I feel they should be Forbidden below a BBFC X, ESRB AO, PEGI 21 or other such “Adults Only” Rating with their Ensuing Restrictions on Sales!

  1. Too Small Credit Payouts.

Why? As they basically Force the Use of Lootboxes in order to Earn any Decent Credits. Payouts are currently only 6 to 12 Thousand CR Per Race and that’s with VIP, when it should be 60 to 120 Thousand Per Race, without VIP! its too much of a Grind as it is at the Moment!

  1. Anti Consumer Business Practices such as VIP Passes, Pre Order Car Packs, Expansions, DLC, and all Forms of Pre-Order Forcing and Post Release Monetization.

Why? I want the Games Industry to Stop treating us like “Profit Generating Bio-Protein Mulch” and Start Treating us as Human Beings, with Respect for Our Money!

  1. Daily and Weekly Forzathons.

Why? They have lead to Me being completely burned out due to the Game now feeling like a Job that I have to do every Single Day, rather than a Hobby I can do at My Leisure! They are just Soul Grinding Busywork and are just not Enjoyable!

  1. The Playlist.

Why? as it has turned FH4 into a Laundry Washing Checklist Simulator! I never want to See it again! the Player should be left alone to complete the Game at their own Pace at a Time of their Choosing, the Player should Not be Forced to Compete a Laundry Checklist within a Time Gate to Unlock an item! that is Anti-Player as it does not Respect the Players Freedom of Choice or Spare Time!

  1. Locked Cars.

Why? Because it makes It Impossible for Players with Mental and Or Physical Disabilities to Unlock all of The Cars that they have Paid For in Purchasing the Game in the First Place! Either have all Cars Placed Into the Autoshow by Default or I will Not Purchase, Do You hear Me Playground? No Time Gates, No Multiplayer or Story Based Unlocking Systems, All in the Autoshow for everyone to Buy if they have enough Credits. That is what is called “being Fair” . Do it or I walk to a Rival Game that doesn’t Lock Cars up behind Arbitrary Progression walls.

  1. Gimmick Cars such as the Peel.

Why? they are Not Competitive, Playground should only Chose Cars that are Capable of Winning a “Default Category List” Race when “Bone Stock” , if a Car is not capable of winning such a Race when left Bone Stock, then it should not be in the Game as it is taking away Space that could be better used by a more Competitive, but also still very Unusual and Different, Car such as the Spyker C8 Praeliator!

  1. The “In House” Audio Middleware Engine.

Why? because it is absolutely Awful!, Either go back to “Miles” or Upgrade to “REVS” because I never want to Hear Car Audio this bad Again! I have Heard better Car Engine Sounds in PlayStation One Games!

  1. Any and all “Live Services” Elements.

Why? Because they do not Respect the Players Free Time, and they Do not Respect the Consumer, as they encourage the Selling of Incomplete Products that are not worth their Asking Price! FH5 needs to be a “Game as a Good” Like FM1! Either it is Sold Content Complete on Day One ()the Entire Game, all the Content, 100% of it , that it is ever going to have, on the Install Disk right from Launch Day) or I wont be Buying!

  1. Battle Royale

Why? Due to its Hyper Addictive, Obsession Causing Nature and Extremely Aggressive and Toxic social Scene, BR, IMO, should Carry a Mandatory BBFC 18/ ESRB M/ PEGI 18 Rating and thus has No Place in a Car Racing Game, as to Expose Young or Handicapped Minds to a Game Genre that is known to Cause extreme Addiction, with all the Associated Behavioural and Mental Health issues that come with such Extreme Addiction, is, IMO, at best Extremely Irresponsible and downright Dangerous at Worst!

  1. The Multiplayer Suite in its Entirety

Why? as I am a Single Player Only User. I am not Saying the Game should be Single Player Only, I just think Multiplayer should be a Nice Bonus for those who like it, not the Whole Reason D’etre for the Games Existence! I feel FH5 should be Developed as if it was a Single Player Only Game, and then have a Full Suite of Multiplayer Features added on top, as a Bonus, once the Single Player Code has gone “Gold” .

  1. Bad Choices and/or heavy Censorship, of Music.

Why? Because the Music in FH4 is Infurating, it Either Skips about like a Broken Record, contains Annoying Ear-Wrecking sounds, is Generic to the Point of Inducing Tears, or is Mind-Bendingly Repetative (Dontchu! Dontchu!!! GAAAH! Halt Die Klappe! as I am going Mad !) the only Station that is even Half Way Decent is the Drum and Bass One! So for 5, Please, just get Rom Di Prisko/Morphadron (not sure which Name He is using at the Moment) to Make You one of His Awesome Custom Scored EDM Soundtracks like He used to do for NFS back in the 1990s!

  1. Childish and Immature Emotes, Clothing Items, Comedy Horns and other such unwanted Forzanite Elements designed Purely to Appeal to Young Children.

Why? because they waste Install Space that could be better Spent on More Races or More Cars, they are Extremely Annoying, and they are Attracting to Many Non-Car Guys to the Game, resulting in Demands for More Content, such as Lego, that does nothing but Cheapen the Game and Reduce its Appeal to the True Car Enthusiast because the Game feels aimed more at Key Stage 1 Children rather than Car Enthusiasts, We are the Sort of People who Read EVO Magazine, Serious and Dedicated Enthusiasts, we are not Six Year old Flop Gear (basically “the Beano” with Cars in it these Days!) Readers who wouldn’t know a Stick Shift from an E-Brake!! Having a Child Friendly Game (FH2/3) is Fine! Having a Childish Game (FH4 Post Lego) is Inexcusable!

  1. Cringe Inducingly Childish attempts at Humour.

Why? because they make the Game Physically Painful to Listen to, and force Me to use the Earphones as I would be embarrassed to the Point of Actual Physical Pain if My Parents heard Dialogue that Bad!

  1. Forced Attempts at Storytelling with all their bad Dialogue and non stop Talking that cannot be Skipped.

Why? Because I want to be Driving and Racing, not Watching, or Listening, a Bad Animation of a Character with an even Worse Voice Actor Delivering Terribly Written Dialogue that just Gets in the Way of the Driving and Racing.

  1. A Minuscule Map.

Why? because it makes the Map boring because You see Places far too Often, there is no Room to Really get any of the Properly Fast Cars up to Speed, and it Severely Restricts the amount of Room available for Races! its also Pathetic and makes the Game feel Outdated in the Extreme! Come on, TDU had a Map a good 4 or 5 times Bigger than all 4 Horizon Maps put Together and that was on Xbox 360, there is no Excuse for a Small Map now One X and Series X Exist!

  1. A Poor Quality PC Port.

Why? with PC Components as Powerful as the Latest and Greatest Hardware from AMD, Intel and NVidia, the PC Version should not 1. Have Graphics only on a Par with the Console Version and 2,. Should not be Running Worse than it does on a Console with a Factually Inferior Hardware Specification due to the Game being Quickly and Ineptly Ported from Console to PC with No Changes to the Core Code to Suit the Very different way in which a PC Processes and Distributes Game Data! The PC Version should have Graphics and Performance Miles above the Console Version so long as the PC being used to Run the Game has the Required Levels of Processing Power available to it. The PC should be the Priority Platform for FH5, not an “Extra Buck”, and the PC Version (the Console should have “the Port”) should be available on Steam, with Full Windows 7 Support, via the “Vulkan” APi as it is Vastly Superior to DX12 in every Way, Shape and Form!

  1. Auction House Sniping.

Why? Because how are Players supposed to get the Cars they want when someone with a Macro Command is pulling off a “Buy Out” within less than a Second of the Car being available!? It is Infuriating!

  1. PR Stunt Zones,Drift Ones Especially.

Why? as they are just Boring and Mindless Busywork, as well as Extremely frustrating to get 3 Stars on (seriously, Learning to Tie Your Own Shoelaces is Less Frustrating than getting 3 Stars on some of the PR Stunts in FH4!), and take away Icons that could, instead, be better used for More Races!

  1. Seasons!

Why? because the Constant Driving Rain and Permanently Grey and Leaden Skies are Depressing as all Heck (the Game has baught Me Low more than Once Simply because it is always Grey and Gloomy and Raining!, I know its set in the UK, but come on, We actually do have Sunshine here Sometimes !) , the Game doesn’t feel like Horizon in the Seasons outside of Summer , because It no longer Feels like a Music Festival, because whoever heard of a Music Festival being Put on During the Middle of a 4 Month Long Siberian Blizzard? and the Snow has Naff-All Grip meaning even Rally Cars on Snow Tires just Toboggan Around everywhere, constantly sliding off the Road, The Rain also has the Same issue with there Being No Grip, meaning even Rally Cars are just Skidding Off if You dare try and take a Corner in the Wet at more than 40 MPH, and it is Mind Numbingly Frustating! Either Lock it to Summer again, or set it somewhere that has a “Year Round Summer” such as Southern Spain or Greece, so it feels like Horizon.

I want Five to be Summer Only and I don’t want to see even a *Tenth8 as Much Rain in FH5 has FH4 has! Snow is ok so long as 1, It Does Not Effect Traction in the Slightest and 2. Is limited Only to Mountains and even then only Up by the Ski Resorts and the Peaks, in the Name of Map Immersion, Purely to limit the Frustration and Depression caused by Horizon 4’s Constantly Grey and Gloomy Weather and its Complete lack of Traction in the Snow or Rain!

  1. Japan or America as a Setting,

Why? I don’t want Horizon within a Million Miles of Asia, let alone Japan, or America, let alone Yet another “California” Setting, as Asia and America are too Generic for Words as Locations and have been done to Death by Rival Games. Keep it set in Locations that No One Else has Done!

  1. The Whole Game itself!

Why? Because I am basically Done with Horizon as I have been so badly Burned by 4! 5 is going to have to be the Best Car Racing Game Ever Made to get Me to even Look at the Back of the Box after how bad 4 has Been, let alone actually Buy it!

Credits? Really I have $180,000,000 I don’t need, I played H4 less than any other Horizon game. Sell rare cars you already have from playlist that is all you need to do. Try GT Sport you can’t get any cars without a massive effort. Literally gives you barely anything ever. My advice to you is this game isn’t for you, try something else.


I must be Playing a very Different FH4 to You then leetorts, as I have Found it a Soul Crushing GRIND to get Credits! Maybe I just don’t have Your Patience!

An Easy way to balance out Massively Increased Credit Payments could be to Increase Car Values to ones that Reflect Real Life, I mean, good Luck on Getting a 1990 BMW E30 M3 for £20K In Real Life, its more Like £80K for a Mint, Low Mileage, Bone Stock One, and up to £150K if its a Sport Evolution or Cecotto Edition!

That form of Balancing, IMO would make it less of a grind to Get Credits, but would also still Encourage Players to still go after the Big Paying Endurance Races, rather than just Farming low Paying Quarter Mile Drag Races so they could get the more Expensive Cars Faster!

I would rather Gouge My Own Eyes out with a Rusted Eating Implement than Play something as Grindy and Microtransaction Oriented (as I feel MTX should be Outlawed, Period!!) as GT Sport.

I like Games that allow Me to Acquire Cars as and when I want them, at My Own Pace, at Times of My Choosing, with No Arbitrary Progression walls and without an Excessive Grind for the Credits Required, as I feel those Games are Respecting Me and My Free Time, meaning I am more likely to Devote that Free Time to them.

Of course if your goal is to collect all cars in your Forza garage, you’ll have to farm credits for that. However, there are far more efficient ways to grind credits than milking with drag races. You may wanna try Assetto Corsa if you’re that much hating grinding cars.

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Thanks for the Recommendation RashestQuasar 99. just, One Question, ,How is Assetto Corsa with a Controller? as I know its quite a Bit more to the Simulator Side of things, and I have neither the Money nor the Room for a Steering Wheel and Pedal Set up, so if it doesn’t Play Nice with a Controller, I am kind of Doomed!

I don’t Mind Working to Get Cars, I just don’t Like Arbitrary Locks on them! I like to get them at My own Pace at the Time of My Choosing, without any Arbitrary Walls in the Way other than a Set Value of In Game Credits. I don’t mind having to Earn a lot of Credits to Buy them Either, its just, well, I think having to do more than 10 Races just to be able to Buy a 100,000 CR Car is Ludicrously Excessive! that is a Soul Crushing Grind for Me, Those 10 Races for a 1,000,000 CR Car however, that would be a far better Balanced Race/Reward System in My Opinion.

It’s OK on a controller but when you try every console racing game you must enjoy the tuned Forza controls. They are so good. You can learn AC style and I think you need to tune it on your own but it will never be as smooth as Forza. GTS for instance is even more playable on a controller but I am not sure, what is the trick. PC2 and AC are playable but it’s rather for fun only.

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Assetto is extremely difficult. It’s a real simulator. I have only tried the original on PC with a controller but it was just too hard and I gave up. It pretty much requires a wheel to enjoy it.


The fact is they give a lot of cars but most aren’t useful for racing. You do not need to have every car, get that idea out of your head if you find it difficult. The problem is Horizon has lost it’s focus as a racing game. They want to be this, that and the other thing which nobody had asked for. The biggest complaint was the AWD and the Pi system which is all they needed to fix but they decided nah lets just go another direction. They want to make money it’s a business. They want to keep you playing so they have come up with all this nonsense that takes away from Horizon being the superior arcade racer that H2 and H3 showed it could be. I don’t think it will come back to its roots ever and it will be some time before we get a new Horizon game.

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Can you please send me some link with info about it? I started to play RWD only and it’s so good. Love the racing more in Horizon than ever. Unbeatable + rain/snow + night + RWD + friends = awesome gameplay.

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A link? It’s probably buried now somewhere in the forum. I am not going to do an annoying search that you can do yourself. Search the forum. It’s been complained about since H1 all the time.