What equipment do you use?

I was wondering what the tuners on here use to play forza I recently bought my self a Logitech g920 and although I found it very hard to use I wanted to keep using for along time 20-30 maybe even 40 hours I’m still really struggling to use it. It seems to be impossible to get a feel for where the driving limit is
Am I missing something? Am I just not good enough?
I’m about ready to put it back in its box and throw it of the balcony

Wheels are reportedly very hard to use on Forza. I hear the force feedback leaves quite a bit to be desired. PCARS is a good game for a wheel, though. I use a plain old controller for Forza, myself.

I also play with a wheel (thrusmaster tx) and while i can get some pretty decent scores on ovals (a few top 10 … ) it’s way harder on road courses. It’s been discussed before and controller is just faster than a wheel on this game. There is the lack of proper feedback while driving on the wheel but what i think is the worse is the absence of feedback when braking. On the controller you get vibration on the trigger when wheels lock up, on a wheel you get … nothing ! And since braking is, imo, a big part of what makes a difference between a good lap and an excellent one, well … that’it :confused:

Speaking for myself, i will continue playing with a wheel for the immersion feeling and the fact that i don’t get driving a car with a joystick ( even if it’s just a game …) but i know i will struggle to get good scores on many tracks … often the ones that are the most fun to drive.

Just got my g920 yesterday. I have put maybe 2hrs seat time on it. Most of it is test/tune and adjusting some settings. My first few laps on it…holy crap. I was all over the place. After a little practice @720 degree setting, I started to get the feel for it. This morning I set it @900 degree and it’s alot better. I just have to get used too the degree change.

My biggest issue atm is IF I overseer and the back starts coming around. :confused: Sometimes it’s hard to correct it. Or if i go over a bump while slightly turning and the back gets loose. I feel with some more seat time, I will get the hang of it.

I’m going to do a test run later this evening. Probably use a C class car and a decent track with a little bit of everything. (hairpins/straights) Do 3-5 laps on controller, then do 3-5 with wheel. Just to see where I stand atm. A wheel is a whole new world. Seat time and practice is all it takes.

Add me on live if you want to do some test & tune runs later. Gamer tag: Jitler1986

I use both the controller and a Thrustmaster wheel along with shifter/3-pedals and it was a struggle trying to get use to it. I now mostly use the controller for the FM games. As LMR Harmonic posted above, the wheel works better on PCars and other SIM games. I still want to make the wheel work over time so will keep trying to get the right set of settings.

BTW, there is a hardware section where you might get a wider view of opinions and advice on how to best set up your wheel. You might be best to re-post or have a Moderator move your thread to that area.

There is also a good thread regarding wheels posted by VoodooUomo…


Wow! Great article! Thanks for sharing! I race only with a wheel and this really helps!


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As a thrustmaster user I AGREE! It’s been over a year and I’m still faster with the controller as a result of the vibration feedback. I, however, only use the wheel as it is much more enjoyable once you get used to it. After Six months I still wanted to chuck it out the window but with practice it does get better.

The one thing that I will add is that quality of the force feedback seems to be very much dependent on the rear setup of the tune. Diff and the rear anti-roll bar can have a profound effect on how natural the force feedback is. Every small change in grip on the rear tiers seems to have an amplifying effect where force feedback makes things worse. Unfortunately the experience changes with tune and I have yet to figure out any guidance other than some tunes are wonderful to drive and other are crap. The difference can be 5% rear bar or a few % in either differential accel or decel. When the rear tires are happy the wheel is happy and it is fun.

Other things I do to compensate for the lack of brake feedback:

  1. much lower pressure setting 80-90 vice 135-200
  2. softer front springs - so you can see the nose dive and weight shift


These are great inputs Crash, thanks for posting! This is something, that as a tuner, I am interested in understanding and eventually have the capability to share both controller and wheel tunes. In some cases, the hope would be that for some cars/class/track combos one can have just one tune, yet, per your insights might be a bit of a challenge. It would be great to collaborate at some time to figure out the deltas on the settings to from controller-to-wheel.


Controller sim steering no line all other assists off.I had to get rid of my g27 I used in gran turismo cause the noise it made drove her crazy needed to get rid of it to avoid domestics lol

My son got me hooked on forza 6. I used to race little bit when I was younger.I bought xbox with forza 6 a month ago.I did not start the game till I got my: Thrustmaster 599XX EVO,T3PA PRO Pedal set,and TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter mounted to Next Level Racing Wheel Stand.In the beggining , it was hard to control it,but after certain adjustements,I love it.I can not imagine playing with controller.what a immersion…so final cost to play the game , around 1000 bucks…it was absolutely worth it.

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