What does it mean when people honk at me?


I’ve only been playing a couple months so there’s lots I don’t know. Sometimes I will be driving around and other players will come up to me and start honking. The game does not have a way to ask the person what they want.

Usually they are just showing off their ride. Some people spend a lot of time getting a great car with a great paint job. Some people also like to race and want you to chase them. Others are just bored :slight_smile:

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I have realised that most of the players on The Eliminator are w@nkers who just do not give a sh1t.

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With 2000 hours+ in the game in free roam 130,000km, here’s the break down in free roam.
2 horns quickly mean “hello” and maybe race around.
3 is 1,2,3 go in a race. 4 horns followed by the chat message “follow me”, means it’s point “A” of start/finish line. Follow to point “B” and horn sounds 4 times again to signal the start/finish. This will be followed with 2 short blasts to signify you got it. 2 short blasts means “yes”.

If driving a lego car on the mainland and someone comes up and gives you one long blast of the horn, it’s telling you to get lost.

That is the way it is.