What do you do in game?

After finishing everything on map, what else is there to do in game?
I’m trying to find a reason to keep playing but ranked mode is completely broken and meaningless. Is there anything interesting besides farming like a bot to unlock every car?

Rivals. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be on all the game’s tracks.


I spend most of my time in unranked team games testing my tunes. When PT (Playlist Thursday) refreshes, its usually Monthly Rivals, playlist exclusive cars not in my garage and seasonal games (not often). I rarely score above 50% for the weekly playlist since I have everything. Every 10 minutes per login is spent taking random car pictures.

However, I spend most of my time now in either Big Ben Interactive / Kyltoon Rally-V4 and WRC 8 (just purchased) as well as some free XBOX Gold games.

PR stunts?

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You can try to…

1/ 3 star all the drift zones, or improve your scores.
2/ Produce a vinyl that gets the top spot of all vinyls on that car.
3/ Get your money to 999,999,999
4/ Get your Influence to top level 10.
5/ Find all the roads.
6/ Try Glass2K for making Vinyls.
7/ Try the masking tools.

Just drive… and enjoy the course.


This. Just drive around with all the nice cars you have, try some custom blueprints (which I admittedly wish had a better route-based rather then blueprint-based system but it’s okay for now) or just drive around with other players you discover around. Forzathon Live is surprisingly fun too and a great way to see other people’s cars and tastes.

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have a club/race with mates, tuning, rivals, playlist from time to time, unranked racing…

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Most of the time, I am just cruising around the entire map. Occasionally, I will join a session of Ranked Adventure or complete parts of the Festival Playlist.

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Complete car collection, max Cr, complete star card, go for legendary status, complete achievements…
I completed two of those, legendary status might be a bit of a far reach and probably won’t complete eliminator achievements, but I’m sure I can somehow fail my way trough multiplayer part, to complete star card and claim my own Capri FE
There’s also still rivals, just cruising around, doing random races, plenty of stuff actually … or if nothing works, simply move on, personal choice really.

Good luck and have fun

Mostly car building/testing and Rivals. From time to time some Unranked or Custom racing but I’m not a particular fan of it. Races too short, very aggressive racing, mainly wet conditions.


I do lots of made up events with my friends, and also lots of building and testing of cars.

I do really miss the custom championships of FH3 though. Without them the endgame seems a little hollow for the single player only player.

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After completing all the new Festival Playlist every Thursday, I always end up in “The Eliminator” for the rest of the week, completing the daily Forzaton challenges when they go live each day.

try to buy the last few rare cars I missed in the auction house, tune my cars, drive around and do the weekly challenges.

That is pretty much it

What do I do? Often just drive around enjoying the scenery, drift and repeat my favorite races, test different builds (I’m a roleplayer, so no meta builds for me), that’s the thing I enjoy most in FH4 and the reason why, despite absolutely detesting the game’s direction, I keep coming back.

FH4 is, or at least was supposed to be, a pure sandbox. Once you release yourself from the shackles of minmaxing, there’s so much fun to be had. It’s very much akin to taking your car out for a Sunday drive, possibly meeting your friends on the way. This part of the lifestyle aspect of the game was done brilliantly.

As a matter of fact, most cars are very fun to drive in stock form, even the older, slower ones. The new Puma for example is brilliant, as was the Celica. When you push them into competitive territory you risk diluting that experience.

I really do enjoy racing them stock, for me it’s about discovering all sort of things and relaxation.

Many cars in game truly have some interesting quirks inherited from their real life counterparts and I really like racing them in Street Scene and figuring out what’s the thing with it. Horizon 4 models some things really well and taking advantage of some BMW’s rev engine may feel subtle in but times you get if you learn to use it strengths are reality. I have lot’s of fun figuring out the limits of cars and playing with weight transfer, it’s difficult to explain somebody actually posted a picture to Reddit a while back that sort of demonstrates some aspect: https://i.redd.it/k9u0aadn14z41.jpg

It all in how the car feels like too and figuring out fastest and / or most fun way with each car is big feature for me.

Also Spotify! I play on Xbox One X and have Spotify often on background and I listen to my discovery cue and release radar while racing. I found that after awhile it really can suggest music to my liking more often than not.

I’m not much to tuning but tend to do that for weekly Trial which I usually like, though I don’t think I will be bothering with Cross Country events anymore but different strokes for different folks. Most of the time Trials has been good experiences. I tend to try different cars and setups on events I like the most.

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