What difficulty do you play at?

Just a random thought,

I’ve progressed to ‘highly skilled’ as a nominal difficulty setting, and tend to have traction control and stability control turned off - strangley I find the cars behave much more natural and responsivley like this, but I will put traction and stability back on for certain scenarios.

Unbeatable which is easily beatable. I do wish there were more difficulty levels or that unbeatable truly was unbeatable.

Between pro and unbeatable. Just done a couple of d class street races on unbeatable and that combination was very easy but other times not so much. Only a few weeks ago the thought of winning on the harder difficulties would’ve seemed unlikely but learning about what cars and set-ups suited me made things much easier.

What’s the point of a guaranteed loss?

I don’t usually play with Drivatars, so this might not be up to date, but I currently have it on Highly Skilled.

Highly Skilled - and no assists.
I also use a racing wheel which has its own set of fun things to deal with.

I simply mean I wish unbeatable was alot more difficult then it currently is.

Unbeatable, unless it’s a drag race. :crazy_face: I do also wish there was a slightly faster ai option. Certainly one better at overtaking you back.

Oh, I’m not quite good enough for unbeatable - I tend to rely on team mates in trials, I can usually bring home some points by comming 5th or whatever hahah.

I just cant do it solo, I get trashed every time.

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I’m bouncing between unbeatable and pro currently. Depends on a few factors.

Honestly probably could keep it on unbeatable most of the time (except cross country, though I’m getting there) and still win, but watching the AI have to blantently cheat in order to stay competitive really pulls me out of the experience. They cheat on pro too, but I usually get out in front of them quickly, so it’s less of an annoyance/I don’t have to watch it in action.

Let’s just say I PvP with my friends every chance I get. So incredibly superior to both the AI and the online experience.

I suppose that’s kinda like battlefield bad company2, once you are competent playing against other skilled humans it really forces you to up your game in all respects… to the point you can run rings around bots/drivatars with your eyes closed.

I’m just not quite there yet, maybe I need to play horizen open more :smiley:

Varies. I might do Above Average for a Daily or Weekly Challenge just so I can get it out of the way first thing in the morning without worrying about having to be too alert. But I usually run on either Highly Skilled or Unbeatable depending on whether I had last done a Seasonal Championship or Trial.

I tend to bounce between Highly Skilled and Expert. It just depends on how demonic the Drivatars want to be that day. As far as assists go, I keep ABS on at all times, the “brake only” version of the racing line on (mostly for navigation in street races), and I tend to use the automatic transmission since driving in manual while in free roam feels debilitating, and I switch cars too often to memorize the speeds at which I should downshift (though the automatic transmission in Horizon 5 is terrible, so this may change.

Kudos to anyone who can beat S2 class unbeatable. I can’t.

Solo races I do at whatever level I need to do to win the race, I have nothing to prove by bragging about it, the idea is to win.


The Pay2win Ferrari Evo makes it easier :+1:

PRO except for drag races.
I try unbeatable every now and then but still find that the AI on that level isn’t at all realistic to beat or even really challenge. If I would lose but at least felt competitive at that level I would leave it there but most times the unbeatable just takes off after the 3rd turn and there is just no way to catch them. I’ve even noticed that with unmodified cars the unbeatable has a far higher top speed than you do.

usually above average/highly skilled… depending on event/race

I will admit that when I get frustrated and need to feel better about myself, I switch to novice to show those AI what’s what.

I wouldn’t really consider open a good testing ground. Sure, there are some very good drivers in open, but you generally have to get good first to be matchmade with them regularly.

I’m really lucky having a group of friends who also play the game regularly and are good drivers. We’re constantly pushing each other to be better subconsciously, and we’re learning the game off one another just as we goof around and have fun. Perhaps even more important, we’re constantly talking the whole time about our cars, their strengths and weaknesses, how we drive them and how they might improve through either better building/tuning or through a different style of driving. It creates this positive feedback loop that you just can’t get in open.