What did the update do? Not the Porsche expansion?

Obviously the Porsche pack added cars, track, events.

But what did the nearly gigabyte update beforehand actually update?


No rel notes yet, but please, if someone has time, check out Free Play and see if there’s any new options.

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This is what I want to know. I’m not buying the expansion, or even turning the thing on if there are no inprovements to free play.

Of course not! They’ve done all their gonna do by adding the 1 of 40 options available from multiplayer. It’s odd they don’t care about that segment of their costumer base.


Also check out the car choice options when saving a photo incase any more Unicorns have been tucked away.

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I am assuming it was required to prepare the game for the expansion. There might be game alterations required even for people who don’t purchase the update.

There was probably other things it sorts out as well but I have yet to see a list.

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I think they added more barriers to some tracks to combat corner cutting. I checked out some tracks like Yas and Cota. There are new walls up, but they still didn’t fix the section where everyone cuts.


When a new DLC pack comes out, everybody is actually downloading the new cars regardless of whether you bought the DLC or not. This results in the fact that everybody is able to see these specific cars if somebody else who bought the pack is using them.

So I suppose that the 1.2 GB content update contains all the Porsche cars, because even if you don’t buy the pack you are able to see the cars if someone else is driving a Porsche. And the Porsche expansion pack (2.41 GB) contains the new track, Virginia International Raceway, because it can only be used by someone who has bought the expansion pack.


Exactly dead on!!!

Maybe is the actual track as well, since I imagine if someone joins a private lobby where the host selects VIR, they need to have the assets to play.

I noticed new menu music! Not sure about much else though


I noticed we still can’t turn off the friggin loud menu sounds >:O

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Noticed the same. I kinda like it.

Nope …

As usual all the new cars are included in the compulsory content update.

Otherwise everybody who don’t bought the DLC wouldn’t be able to “see” every of your extra-money cars you or your drivatar are driving.

This happend in previous versions and the result was the famous “Null Car” click

To your question, and as far i can tell at the moment:

The content update (~ 1,3 GB) adds :

  • the whole data for the 21 new Porsche
  • an extra “Porsche” tab on the homescreen
  • as usual a couple of “advertisements” for the new content in the game (you can already see the new VIR track with a DLC symbol and a instant redirection to the m$-store, …)

Adding 21 new cars explains the size of the update. Previous updates with 7 cars were around ~ 400mb

The Porsche DLC (~ 2,4 GB) adds:

  • the new VIR track ^^
  • will activate the “Porsche tab” including …
    . Porsche campaign
    . Porsche anthology
    . Porsche showcases
    . Porsche multiplayer
    . Porsche leagues
    . Porsche rivals

The whole “changelog” for both will be added by ManteoMax during the next days here →

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Only change originally announced was that use of the Ford Daytona Prototype with a certain upgrade will crash your game. Good to know they were aware that the update was going to be a game breaker for some users but they pushed it anyway.

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I have noticed that voice-overs cannot be skipped anymore, i.e. when you buy a car or when in Forzavista. The audio no longer stops when you back out, and the menu is frozen until it finishes. This can be annoying when the audio clip is long or one you’ve heard before, and you have to wait for it to finish playing.


Had anyone noticed lower spin payouts after the update?
Not an observation, just a question to those who already played after the update.
I racked up about 60 spins and wanted to cash them in so it would be a shame if the spin payouts would turn out to be less favourable suddenly.

I hit a couple million spins last night. No change in the boxes that appear for spins nor the likelihood to get the middle square.

The game feels slightly different in terms of the handling logic and to me the graphics are a tad bit better as well. Racing today I found that was capable of making corrections on turns without running off the track. So there may have been some incremental updates to the Forza Tech engine that I’m sure will be detailed in this week’s WIR.

i think the textures on the road, kerbs and the grass look a bit clearer and more detailed