what cars would be good rally cars without the rally pack?

keep in mind im talking awd rally. ive got tcs off, steering normal, abs on, no driving line, automatic. cars: ive got the subaru impreza(dont remember which year) but all it does is irritate me. but, my mistubishi evo 10 is a dream. im just an idiot when driving it(as in ill give it too much through a corner and either slam the sides or spin). what would be some good awd rally cars if you dont have the rally dlc?

There are number of cars you can have, depends on the class you want. The Lancia Delta/Delta S4 is a good one to have, Audi Quattro/TT, Ford RS200, Nissan Skyline maybe or the Subaru 22B, Peugeot 205

i DO like the quattro. its quite a frisky little all-wheeler when you get the handling and tyre upgrades for it. also i found the rs200 to be a bit…boring. i havent tried the delta yet but i got the rally pack last night and set the delta up for rallying, so, here’s hoping it performs better than my evo and quattro.

Lancia Delta S4 is great on tight tracks and for dirt tracks too,if you are looking for dirt track cars,any lancia and the evo 6 will be a good choice…