What Cars I Have Not Photographed?

hope this is a simple overlook on my part …

but, where can i see what cars i have not photographed?

any help?

Go into Horizon Promo and chose ‘filters’. There’s an option for ‘not captured’.


And there you’ll find also some cars you are unable to photograph, including the truck from Vocho story and couple of luchador branded cars (even if they appear with camera symbol in the story) and some legacy traffic versions, along with few others that aren’t captured even if they are.

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You can take photos of ALL the driveable vehicles, because you can replay ALL the missions any time you like, and take the photos then.

No it doesnt trigger on some of the cars. For me its also alejandras truck, traffic cars, …, …

reported bug 8.11.

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Right. There are double version of some cars in the horizon promo list. Those are used in the stories (El Camino, Luchathing, for example).
Almost all of the cars you can’t photograph (even if they are duplicate of the car you have in your garage) have a licence plate in front.
Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 2017, Ford Bronco 1975, Ford F-150 Raptor 2017, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2012, Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018, Volkswagen Beetle 1963.
Beetle is weird, it has 2 versions you can’t photograph, one has licence plate in front, but the other one looks identical in every way possible with the one you can photograph (and have in your garage).

Also apparently you can only photograph AMG One FE and Ford De Luxe Five-Window FE if you spot it in the wild driven by some other player, as drivatars apparently never drive FE car either in races or in freeroam.

(I’ll copy this as a bug report as well with the information).

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I’ve seen Drivatars drive FE cars in Freeroam before.

This photo-mode bug still hasn’t been fixed. I have the 6 vehicles in my garage,yet they all are ‘not captured’ on my photo-filter but when I take a photo of any of these six,the ‘no new cars in shot’ messages appears.

The best way to know what cars can be photographed (save one) is to look at the category it is in. Where you tap the right stick to the left or right. If that category thing is blank, it’s a car you can’t photograph. The only one that HAS a category that can’t be photographed is the grey one with the lucha symbol on the roof (Peugeot Turbo 16?) . That one is a retro rally, but doesn’t count.

There is also a FE version of the AMG One I can’t find anywhere. I do know the FE Ford Coupe is a controller bonus code which I don’t have and can’t download. I also have yet to see anyone driving them in the wild, but I hardly see anyone who isn’t around the Mexico Festival.

The best way to try and get the photos you don’t have without owning the cars, admittedly takes a lot of work, is to go into Horizon Promo and make a note of all of the cars (that have a category save that one) then create a drag race with the cars you need. Try to group the PI levels and add something you have that is similar to what you need pics of. I have a pic of every car except for the ones that I can’t get pics of and the DLC cars that aren’t available yet (2 Jaguars, 2 Lamborghinis, etc) I also own every car except for the ones that require real money because I’ve played the game far too much and am totally burnt out waiting for an entire series to work. Maybe Series 3? At least they did remove the promo icon from those cars you can’t get a shot of, but haven’t removed them from the promo list. I think H3 had the same issue and never got fixed wanting traffic cars.

Search Challenge card title for Ford FE, you’ll find challenges with Ford Deluxe FE. Take a photo and drive the car if you want.

Then you’ll just be left with all the bugged cars in the list + unreleased car pass cars left to take pictures off.


So I stumbled on this thread again, and it looks like the latest update might have fixed the issues noted. Some at least. I started a new thread earlier here :


How can we snap AMG One FE?

I ask the same question as well.
I have that one left to complete the full set of images, excluding the one’s from March which I have started to photo already!
Some help from the Developers would nice with a Rivals or such, maybe or just delete the image requirement from the game altogether!

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unable to photo

2021 MERCEDES-AMG ONE FORZA EDITION (not in the game)

2020 HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCK BON SHAKER (from Lucha de Carreteras Stories, the last chapter)
2017 FORD FOCUS RS (from Lucha de Carreteras Stories)
1986 MG METRO 6R4 (from Lucha de Carreteras Stories)
1984 PEGEOT 205 T16 (from Lucha de Carreteras Stories)

2020 ALEJANDRA’S FLATBED TRUCK (from Vocho Stories)
1963 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (from Vocho Stories)

2011 BMW X5 (traffic)
2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR (traffic)
2009 FORD FIESTA (traffic)
1975 FORD BRONCO (traffic)
2010 MAZDA 3 (traffic)
2018 MERCEDES-BENZ X-CLASS (traffic)
1992 MITSUBISHI GALANT (traffic)
2005 SUBARU LEGASY (traffic)
2003 VOLKSWAGEN BORA (traffic)
1998 VOLKSWAGEN GTI (traffic)
1963 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (traffic)

EDIT : After the update (March 1st, 2022), we had the opportunity to capture all cars except Mercedes-AMG One Forza Edition Thanks to Not Nere Too for this info :+1:


Thanks for the list LSD51ZEN, it matches mine and saved me typing lol.

EDIT : And re-reading your list again, maybe I misunderstood your intention, I thought you were saying they can’t be photographed but now I think you’re just saying those are the requirements to photo them. Quite right then.

I was able to get those now, since the update, all but the Lucha story ones (not done that yet) and of course the AMG One FE.

The Hot Wheels Monster Truck in the Buggy and the Beast Showcase, wait for the “Victory Lap”

I got Alejandra’s Flatbed and the VW Beetle (#2 of 3) in the Vocho story (chapter 1 for the Flatbed of course, and for me the Baja chapter for the stock original VW at the photo op at the end)

The Traffic (including #3 of 3 of the 63 VW Beetles) and bugged drivable cars in Freeroam, as traffic. It doesn’t work for the drivable cars as the driver but if you find them in traffic it works, not always first shot, seems to like front quarter with grill and focus.

EDIT : And I think it’s still not working in challenge cards for the bugged drivable cars either. Didn’t for the one I tried before going back to Freeroam last night anyway. It wants them in the wild I guess.

…now, it is possible this is still bugged the way so much of the game is, works for me but maybe not you, hope it does though !


Thank you for this advice…photographed the X-Class about 4 times without success but then tried with one from the front end and pressing the X button to focus and it completed. Then did it with a few other troublesome traffic cars and also worked


The Hot Wheels Monster Truck can also be photographed in the Lucha de Carreteras story chapter where you race against it at Guanajuato. I can’t remember off hand which mission it is but it can be photographed very early into the race.

Not Here Too, did you manage to get photos for some cars from the list above? I mean, not just to take a photo, but that it would make progress for Horizon Promo. I can take a picture of each of these cars, but this is still not taken into account in Horizon Promo. These 22 cars are still not captured for me.

Yep I did. Pretty much all of them. Now at 589/580 on the Horizon Promo captures. Just missing the new cars, the Lucha story cars (haven’t done that story yet), and the AMG One FE. I’m detailing my captures here :


EDIT : Of course it could be just another buggy example of works for me and not for others :frowning: I’m on XBox One fwiw, latest update, could be differences in platform and patch too.

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