what car you'll b using when you begin fh3

my first car is gonna b a challenger hellcat im gonna try to make it a all rounder

Challenger Hellcat as well. Going to use it until I can afford a Charger Hellcat. Then I’m going to open a portal to hell and summon a Jeep Willys with a Hellcat motor swap. Mopar or no car

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I sure hope we can swap the Hellcat motor into other cars. We need more engine swaps deff.

There is so many of my favorites, but probably the c5 z06 corvette.

I’ll be straight into the ST205 Celica (6th Gen Celica) and replicating my personal car (1999 Toyota Celica SR)

GT350R. Been waiting for driving that car in an open world game.

Hellcats cool too, but I have hunch that it wil be diffcult to tune into a PI class. That said if we are able to create bespoke rules for tracks with the blue prints, typical PI limits won’t be in our way.

twin turbo e36 <3

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Civic! (que the VTEC brapapapap)

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I’ll begin with the VIP cars and then go ahead and purchase a brand new Tesla Model S P90D which is a new car that replaced the P85D.

I can’t wait to test out the new buggies ;p

BRZ! I’m going to try to make a drift build

Something light weight and definitely rwd. Maybe a beetle or ae86 if they are cheap at the start.

Loads of different cars. And im sure I will go through a lot of weird stuff from different top gear challenges that me and a friend creates. Just love all kind of cars. So I can’t really pick one. Want to experience all the different kind of vehicles

FD RX7 and hopefully make it look and perform like my real life car. I’m seriously hoping that rotary vehicles are in the game since it hasn’t been officially announced. I’m also hoping they’ve finally added more spoiler options besides the hideous Forza as the only one.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR and the 2013 SRT Viper GTS

Regera all the way!!

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I will start with HSV GTS as that the closet i can get to what i drive unless they put the 09 g8 gxp back in forza.

GT350R and the AMC Javelin

I have three but for different reasons:

  1. For off-road it’ll be the Nomad. I loved the Atom so I can’t wait to give this a go.
  2. For general driving/cruising it’ll be an Exige as it’s my fave car.
  3. For pure speed I’m not sure yet as there’s a lot of great choices. The new Lambo will get a look of course but I don’t know if it will be my ‘go to’ car for speed. To be determined later.

Oh hell yes, almost forgot :smiley: