What are you guys doing now that you've basically finished the game

I go to work 3 days a week and college 2 times. But I have still managed to basically complete the game, I’ve gained all the fans to upgrade my festivals to Level 5. I’ve got 8.3 million currently with a few Horizon Edition cars that could be sold for a million too, but I have expensive cars like the One:1, Centenario, P1, etc.

Sorry to ramble on I just want you to see how I’ve got everything in so little time. Isn’t it a bit disappointing how quickly the game has come to an end after a few days lol. There’s not a lot to do now, or am I wrong?

So far I have finished :
upgraded all 5 festivals
got all barn fights
done all street races and midnight races
gotten over 200 cars
reached level 177

I still have to do the following :
complete all championships and exhibitions (I’m halfway done)
get 3 stars on all PR stunts
get into drifting
get into tuning
maybe if I’m in the mood get into painting
get all cars in the game in my garage
play more multiplayer (barely touched it)
create some blueprint content (barely touched it)
get the remaining bonus boards (without spoilers)
get the remaining XBox achievements
do more rivals, friends’bucket list challenges, etc.
Forzathon content will start in october as well
upcoming car packs
upcoming HE cars
upcoming 2 expansions

Now don’t get me wrong I also have a sense that I blasted through content really fast. But I’m just saying there is still plenty of things to do.


I’m taking my time with the single player but the festivals seem to be upgrading very quickly. This is making me feel I’m further than I am, the amount of icons on the map is a bit ridiculous. I know they want you to be able to choose what events you do next but I think it would be better if it was more gradual with upgrades and events

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the Icons on my map until I started using the Map Filter function to minimize the amount of information I was seeing.

My goals - full gamerscore, own 1 of every car, photo every car, exhibition in most cars, and play a truckload of online.


first thing I want to say is I had early access.

I am working toward my 4th showcase event
I have 2 festivals at level 5 with all festivals unlocked
11 bucket list
3 street races
level 60 with 3 million earned and 40 cars in my garage, one of which is a HE

I’m probably going to finish the game next Friday assuming I still get my one day off next Thursday.

Wow thanks for te great replies :slight_smile: I’ll have to try this stuff out. I’ve done all of the PR Stunts but not all 3 stars, I’ve got all the XP boards.

I think that I need to buy something like the Veneno that’ll waste all my money haha so then I’ll be forced to work towards something.

They should’ve done it like FH2 working to the Finale. Have 10 championships though and put a reward like 3 cars to choose from.

My ultimate aim is:

All achievements (currently 850gs)
Own and try every car (currently about 130)
All promo photos (currently 399)
Play online with my friends
Perhaps hit level 999 (currently about 240)

Trickiest part for me will be finishing the PR stunts - I’ve always hated drifting, so that’s going to be very frustrating for me, but it feels doable. Going to wait for Forzathon before trying them though.

been playing since the 23rd, 100% campaing finished, 67% overall, 6 achievements left to do, am level 239 and 6 million crédits at the moment, 11 HE cars (waiting for the other ones to collect)

im waiting to get the achievement for playing 10 bucket list blueprints from other players and trying to get 3 stars on 2 last danger signs and 1 last drift zone for another achievement

also getting the courage for the 50 championships i still have to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t finished the game yet. I haven’t had enough time to do so. Also when I do play I do much more free roaming than I do racing. I am waiting for them to patch the game hoping its much more stable on PC and improve FFB with my Thrustmaster TX before I play the game a lot more.

Im pretty much the same, Ive been playing since the 23rd and Ive already found one barn find, discovered 50 roads, won two head to heads and have $6500 in the bank its just too easy, they could have made it more challenging.

I noticed I was going too fast so I slowed down and tuned various cars I found interesting and tried to find places to take photos of cars in order to satisfy the take a picture of 20 different cars perk.

It’s been a good bit more enjoyable that way. Afterwards it’ll be hotlapping and lots of tuning.

I’ll get bored eventually though if there isn’t a multiplayer where the championship winner isn’t based on XP. Longevity is a concern for me so I’m trying to stretch out the single player (which I really like).


THIS … we need an Timebased Leaderboard too

<— level 44 after 26 hours

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Both of these ideas are great!!

I d like to see continuation of fans increased displayed instead of seeing it in stats-- that loss does make you sort of think your finished.

At OP: im done with “game” (I assume you mean finished upstanding festivals) but honestly there are so many stunts, races, street races even when done, online eventually.

Wow, how are you all so far ahead in the game, I guess it must be the early release. Even so, some of you have completed a ton for only having the game 4 days. I think I have 3 festivals at level 2 and 1 at level 3. What I found out was AWD cars handle a ton better than RWD cars!!! Early on in the game I picked the Ford Mustang and Corvette. Both are nice vehicles, but the over-steer is real! Once I got my hands on the Audi R8 V10 and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII the world changed, for the better!! These 2 cars stick to the road like I’ve never seen. Is there a trick to getting the RWD cars to handle better with all that HP and torque behind them? Loving the game so far and I still have plenty to do.

I’m not going to buy every car, as some cars I don’t like, but, like in FH2, I’m going to have a full garage (550 cars on FH2), and I’m going to tune & drive every one. Other than that, I’m going to finish all the possible events, stunts and whatever in the game. Then when I’m done with all that, I might get serious about the leaderboards other than using them just as a yardstick for testing my tuned cars.

I always have big plans when a game comes out, but I used to always fall way short. FH2 was the closest I came to reaching all my goals, but I took at of time off and never got to getting serious about all the leaderboards.

just take your time and mash online

I’m playing this to drive the cars and play around with them.

That by itself is more content than I could complete in years.

Everything else is tertiary.

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Exactly my thoughts.

Once the “story” part is finished, the game can actually begin !

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i bought all the cars in Forza 5 and Horizon 2

not doing that in Forza 6 or Horizon 3, i will try to collect the HE cars and other cars i really like

finished all the PR stunts with 3 stars, just waiting to do other players bucket list blueprints for the achievement and thats about it

level 284 now, cant wait for the expansions lol