What are the best cars for goliath?

Hello! I recently bought this game and I have been hooked to street races. I love playing the goliath. I was wondering, what are some of the best cars for this race in s1, s12 and x? In X, I love using the mosler MT900S, but for the other classes I don’t really know what cars to pick, I don’t really like that much the few I´ve tried. Thanks!´~

You could go for the ones that make the most money, and get the most Bonuses…

Alfa Romeo Giulia FE


Or you could go for fun…

Rip Rod

Jeep Wrangler


Or you could go for a Challenge! This is my Challenge…

To win the Goliath with an S2, Formula Drift Viper on Unbeatable setting, and make a video of it.

Best S1: Shelby Monaco KC RWD V12 Racing engine full power. Only for very, very experienced RWD drivers.
The Pagani Zonda C (AWD), Bugatti EB110 SS (AWD), McLaren F1 GT (RWD) and Noble M600 (RWD) are way easier yet slower alternatives.
Best S2: Ferrari 599XX Evo (AWD), Ultima (RWD), Ferrari F40 C (RWD), TVR Sagaris FE (RWD, V12 engine swap, a tough car to handle).
Best X: Ferrari 599XX Evo (AWD), Mosler (AWD)

Goliath is Road Racing event, not Street Race but no problem.

Good suggestions for a bit different purposes in earlier replies.

My personal favourites have been cars that are nice to drive. C-class Acura, just for fun (take ages, I know but I listen to music and just enjoy) perhaps B-class Nissan GT-R, Porsche 968. I think some cars from Classic Racers divisions were really good experience on this route. Maserati Birdgage stock was good challenge, fun but perhaps not for beginners.

For S1 I would recommend Porsche 906 we just got, it’s just so fun and check which Lambo’s have nice handling for your taste and try them to other S1 and S2 races.


Apollo IE

For the Mosler: try it with the racing V8 and Twin turbos. Power/Weight ratio is almost exactly the same (1288hp/ton vs 1275hp/ton) so the lighter weight (about .1 tonnes) is actually noticeable.

Side question: I posted in the Racer’s lounge if anyone would like my massive spreadsheet of maxed out X cars and their Goliath runs. No one ever expressed interest, but maybe I posted it in the wrong section? What do you guys think? Would a face full of numbers on every X car in the game be of interest here?

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I wouldn’t mind giving it a look but X-class has not much relevance imho. Since it’s not capped the difference in power levels of X-class cars is tremendous. A maxed out 599XX Evo is leagues ahead of a maxed out Chiron. It’s like comparing a S2 car with an A-class car.

In terms of spreadsheets in general the forum as well as the game have overlived their prime for quite a while. Thus, the demand for spreadsheets is low. I have tested every single car that starts in S2, S1 & A-class as well as some lower class cars tuned up on my own test track. The game has been out for so long nearly everyone knows the best cars for each class and terrain. No need for me to post ~250 lap times.

To be blunt I just think it would be fun to see everyone have an open discussion in what the best type of ____ car is. Best in all sorts of different ways I.E. best acceleration car, best midengined car, best getting engined, most lateral G’s, best top speed, etc. But it didn’t seem to this game inspires anyone but me to find out glide things for myself. I don’t watch YouTube videos saying “This is the best car”, I like finding our for myself. Oh well.

I like the X tuned Ferrari 599 XX E for fast laps.