What are some cars that you LOVE to use, that are NOT competitive? (Multiplayer)

With nothing much for me to do in Forza Horizon 3 as of late, and seeking a challenge, I’ve started recently using cars that I consider, “not competitive”.
In particular, I’ve really gotten into using a few FWD cars for A class- the 97 Honda Civic, 03 Honda Civic, and the Acura RSX. I love FWD (Honda)/Acura cars, for the fact that you have to try a great deal harder to get them to go “fast”, and that in turn has improved my skills as a Forza Horizon 3 Racer. I really wish more people would get into using FWD, they’re a blast!
As for S1, I quite love using the: Porsche 911 GT3RS 4.0, Aston Martin GT12, 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, and the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. I love each of those cars, because they stop like they’ve got superglue for tires, and handle like a roller coaster. Admittedly, I haven’t won all that many online adventures with any of the cars that I’ve mentioned, but I’ve had a hell of a lot more fun using them, compared to the typical leader-board car(s).

So, with that out of the way, what are the cars that you LOVE to use, that are NOT competitive?

amc javelin in A class. I loved it in the career, consistently last place in A class online adventures XD

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I actually really like those Hondas, and I often leave them the way they are in reality - naturally aspirated and FWD. But you must add better rubber for them to reach A800, I believe, as FWD does not like too much power. I do this with the Renaults as well.

The Lancia 037 is one of my favorite rally cars and, well, resisting the urge to convert it to AWD is pretty hard, lol. Especially because as RWD it CANNOT reach S1900 on rally tires without either replacing the PDS with a turbo or swapping the engine for the BMW one (thus giving up on its stock status anyway). However, people are usually way more lenient when it comes to rally cars, especially among those who practice hill climbing. I’ve seen some pretty unusual builds IRL.

So nice to see someone else that likes FWD! I think that the physics of FWD in either Forza series, needs to be changed a great deal. Theoretically, a 97 Honda Civic with “race tires”, “race suspension/brakes/weight”, “race transmission” and whichever “race” engine parts one chooses…should be competitive with something like…a 500 HP RX7, or a 600ish HP GT-R. Why do I say this? Look at the Civics that are running as low as a 57 second lap around Tsukuba. Or, look at the Open Class & Pro Am Civic’s/CRX’s at WTAC, that put down times comparable to Pro Class cars that have as much as 1000+ HP and pro drivers behind the wheel…

It’s pretty clear FWD is able to be relevant and competitive in the highest levels of the time attack world, so it should be more than possible to make them drive/handle like that in a video game…

Edit: They also need to allow bigger tire sizing with the FWD cars…

Yeah but Tsukuba is really short IIRC. :smiley:

I don’t “like” FWD per se but I don’t mind driving FWD cars because I know their quirks. You’ll see me more often in an RWD car with a relatively balanced torque curve, so I’ll add race cams and sport or even stock turbo rather than the opposite, which is what everyone does online because they all go AWD and cars with AWD drivetrain don’t mind the torque.

I like the Alfa Romeo Guila because my father owned one. Sadly, the game characteristics don’t match the real car. The handling isn’t as good even with modifications and tuning.

I owned a 1985 Mazda RX-7 and miss it, so I like to drive that one. Once again, the in-game performance doesn’t realistically portray the real car.

The 60’s/70’s muscle cars are favourites, but rarely competitive.

The 1985 Mazda RX7 was a beast in Forza Motorsport 4 …I was pissed off that it wasn’t included in this game…the 66 Nissan Silvia…is also a nice car that nobody uses but I converted mine to AWD at one point…now it is back to RWD !

BMW’s Isetta, and the Reliant Supervan. No joke. :wink:

I’d have to say the 1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR for S1 class. Lack of upgrade ability means I can’t exactly make that glory of a grand touring car competitive. I guess the only reason I picked it up was because it was so rare in multiplayer. (And it looks cool, too.)

It sticks to the road like glue but unfortunately this game is biased towards cars with the power of a jet fighter, the lateral grip of a semi and the braking ability of a freight train.

Meyers Manx with wheelie tune.

Try it on airport.

Really fast.

Trust me!

I have every car in this game minus the horizon editions, and i drive and enjoy all of them.


Once I acquire one of each car I’m thinking about selling the HEs, as they’ll have become useless to me.

However, there are some HEs I really like, such as the Boss 302 and the Supra. I can’t fathom why they didn’t add the Shelby engine to the regular Boss, but whatever.

The Supra is a drift car with Race tires, so it’s somewhat poor at its own job, but the interesting thing about it is that those “Race tires” it has seem to be BETTER than the regular Race tires. If you build two Supras to the same spec, HE and non-HE, the HE version will have higher PI.

Camaro, Chevelle and Torana have a compound that’s in-between the stock bias-ply tires and the street tires, which makes them excellent at drifting because they hit 1,000 bhp at A800.

My two goals in this game was to hit max level and acquire one of each car, i just don’t need the HE cars after hitting max level and sold them figuring someone else could put them to better use. And why does the supra having race tires make it a bad drift car? All my drift cars use race tires and i can barely tell the difference between any of the tires while drifting anyway.

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It’s a little harder to break traction.

I can drift alright with it, but many people hate it because they like drifting with bad tires instead.

Terradyne Gurkha

My two favorites, Volvo P1800, C-class and B-class (one of each) and the 77 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, A-Class. One of the best sounding cars around

I loved my LaFerrari, it isn’t the fastest accelerating super car (it actually might be the slowest, it’s waayyy slower than the F12 tdf) but I love it❤. I never lost unless I miss some checkpoints or lagged out. It never let me down🙂. Too bad my save file got wiped so I don’t have it anymore or the 488 GTB I had which was really good, on some tracks it was faster than the LaFerrari. I left my tune up on it (I think) on the storefront thing if you want to try it out or just take the 488 out without a tune, both ways you won’t be let down it is a really good car👍

BMW M3 2005 with NFSMW livery. Looks and drives well but is terrible at being competitive.

Even if you add all the power you can and no handling mods beyond AWD and weight?