What are best b class cars for online adventure?

Please write your suggestions.

Try the Mitsubishi Evos. I personally use the Audi Quattro (barn find). It works really well as long as it’s not winter. Use some off-road vehicle for winter B-class events.

I tried Audi Quattro, it works best for me. Thanks for your help.

My bet is on ford escort from the 1970´s, made one in horizon 3 was really fun to drive. im about making 1 now when we can race online rally in b class.

I like the Lancias, but because I build and tune the car to turn, they are vulnerable to all the people wallriding, wallbanging and corner bombing in online adventure. In B class, people can get away with power builds and dirty driving more than in higher classes. The Delta S4 usually can get the fastest lap in a lobby, though. And I saw a really good Benz 190E driving cleanly.

Trac tor

Top Gear Track-tor. It’s the Bone Shaker of B class.

Porsche 911 RSR

Track-tor, unfortunately.

If youre a crap driver with zero skills and need a god-crutch to be competitive, then sure, the noobiest vehicle of all time, the tractor trash is the one for you.

But why dont you just spend some time tuning and testing and figure out which onew to go with? Theres a bunch, and you’ll be all the the better for it.

Top Gear Tractor is a beast, with a right tune.

Are you kidding, the Tractor??? Jesus…another untested vehicle released as usual.

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If there’s a couple or even 3 circuits in the playlist I always go for the Jeep cj5 Renegade. It’s unbeatable on circuits like Ambleside scramble or Mudkickers 4x4 even by the dreaded Track-tor.