What are a few of the less urgent issues you'd like to see changed?

Apart from all the more important and major bugs, are there little things that just completely annoy you? Not trying to bash this game, really. Despite the bugs, I love it and play it as often as time permits. Just wondering if there’s some common issues that many here have. I’ll list a few, but feel free to add if you can think of them. This is more of a light-hearted grievance, since I can live with these issues, but it doesn’t change the fact that they annoy me. OK, here goes…

-When I’m in Free Roam and I click to change car, please don’t ask me if I’d like the car delivered to me. Of course I do, silly. If not, I’d go to the garage and get it myself.

-If I’m on your team for a live event, please remember that I’m on your team. I’m ok with you passing me. No reason to run me off the road, k?

-Please let me give Kudos after I see the Gift Drop, (or let me call take-backs if you’re unloading your 2015 Caymans from your garage). I’m all set with the '81 Sciroccos & '72 Supervans as well. Perhaps an “UN-KUDOS” button is in order?
…and before you bash me for being ungrateful, I will say that before the WS/SWP Nerf, I gifted every duplicate car I received, (except for the Caymans that I just removed from my Garage). Cars worth $150,000 and under went to new players. Cars over 150k went to anyone. I’ve always given Kudos, all the while wondering what’s in that big wood crate…


I would like to see the sun dress slim my dudes hips down some, looks like he had a few extra cheeseburgers at lunch.
The removal of headlights completely so we can feel like it’s an actual part of the game instead of something that is unlikely to be fixed.
No wheelspins at all, grind, grind and grind some more for those fabulous soccer pumps and witty little quick chats.
Nitrous for everyone so we can at least compete with the cheaters instead of driving legit and not being able to finish a race, I’m not the best driver on the game, but very few could ever hope to dnf me in a 3 minute race.
And cats, we need cats as co-pilots. Or a Silverback Gorilla.
Oh, and there’s a missing bolt on the transpan on the Gremlin. That leak is a hazard to the environment and gets costly having to refill the tank every other day.


I’d like to have a monowiper option for some of these cars whilst upgrading them into race spec. It’d be nice to have the full touring car look for the 850 to take one example.

Some cars have panel sunroofs that add nothing and disrupts the livery design process. If that’s just optional on the real life versions, then Forza should leave them out.

License plate areas are often unpaintable. Unpaintable areas where there’s no reason for them to be unpaintable.

More lighting in the festival/house areas for designing the cars at night.

In open play, I’d like to get a good look at all three cars during the post-race sequence rather than silhouettes and darkness.

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When choosing color during an Autoshow purchase, you should be able to press X (or the appropriate button) to fine tune the color.


It would also be nice to be able to preview a paint job or design before having to download it.

I really wish some of the aero upgrades that we’re almost forced to use weren’t so ugly. Seriously. Big monstrosities.


Change the cars in Eliminator. Current set of cars are getting stale.

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Something that isn’t a bug eh?

Am I allowed to use this thread to continue to bang the drum for the return of both custom championships and custom adventures? Seems a little big for the spirit of this thread.

How about letting us choose what season we were in for solo mode? Less of an issue in 5 than it was in 4, but it still bothers me that a significant portion of the game I payed money for is locked out most of the time.

Feels weird talking about that when there are so many major bugs and design oversights plaguing this game.

FYI the asking if you want the car delivered is a holdover from when it used to cost money. Shouldn’t still be there, but was helpful at the time.


These wheelspins that you get during an event without an option to sell the car or gift annoy me. I end up having to go into the car list once I’ve finished the event to either remove from garage or gift it.

I want the same options that I normally get with wheelspins. Or let them stack up like normal wheelspins can do.

  1. Allow livery previews when downloading livery to an already owned car, just like when buying a car on autoshow.

  2. Automatically hide downloaded livery, tune, and vinyl groups from search results.

  3. Add “Not Interested” feature to the Creative Hub. Content/users with this selection will be automatically hidden from search results.

  4. Add “Car Themes” to the car sorting options.

  5. Add icons to garage thumbnails to indicate exclusive cars.

  6. Add the feature to disable drivatar in Horizon solo free roam.

  7. Make time-limited map content such as stunt arenas, ice rinks, etc. available at any time in the Event Lab, so that new blueprints can be created using them even after the period in which they are offered has ended.

  8. Option to automatically connect objects in the Event Lab and automatically adjust their angle and height to match the terrain.

  9. In the wheel list, the number of paint groups available for each wheel is displayed.

  10. Add this tire to all cars in the Rod & Custom category that do not have vintage whitewall tire option.

My top 10 ideas.


For solo races, allow us to change cars at the Start Race screen. I hate having to quit to freeroam to change cars. Takes forever.


Definitely this one!

I’d want to go a step further and allow changing cars in Rivals…you have a few cars to choose from, run one, find out it’s too slow so you have to leave the Rivals then go back in to run it with a different car. Just too laborious…allow us to choose a different car.


Following up on this.

From any Start Race screen, allow us to:

  1. Change cars.
  2. Upgrade cars.
  3. Load a tune.

We can do all of those things at the Start Race screen in Motorsport 7. Why not in Horizon 5?

  • Stop triggering Speed Zones/Drift Zones/Trailblazers automatically every time you drive through in Freeroam, definitely stop resetting a Waypoint when they get activated

  • Let me shuffle through specific songs on every Radio station not just change the station if you don’t like to listen to a song at that particular moment in time

  • Let me adjust/change the seating position/view when inside the cockpit ( only view I use for driving a car ), there’s too many cars where half your Screen is black, for what represents the inside Roof of yor car.

-Let Us choose which races and class to run in Open Horizon


A less urgent issue is the choice of car is no longer the car that you are sitting in, it is about the 6th car along. Make your choice of car the car that you are sitting in at the time.


While I absolutely agree that Current Car should be the default starting selection, you can generally get to it quickly by pressing RB once.

Liveries / tunes :

  • add a search filter : followed user
  • have 2 different lists : followed tuners, followed painters (to have better suggestions)
  • delete a livery but keep it on car (it is technically possible beacause you can delete a livery while a car is in the auction house and keep the livery when you get it back)

Custom race :

  • option to force AWD/RWD/FWD
  • Changing car colour to another factory colour should not use up a livery spot.

  • Better navigation in the livery catalogue to delete unused ones faster.

  • Better navigation in the tuning section of the Creative Hub including the downloaded/used/liked numbers for each tune.

  • Grip on tarmac nerf for Rallye, Offroad & Drag tires. Drag being B700 FWD meta and Rallye being overall A800 + often S900 meta is simply dumb. Sports tires are basically useless due to the low PI extra cost of Rallies which are way stronger.

  • Option to disable launch control when using MC. Depending on the engine cars won’t launch at all with MC (Unimog with stock engine). On stuff like the F40 the clutch needs to pressed to shoot the rpm into wheelspin, otherwise the launch control kills the engine.


Open Racing

Stop message spamming. Limited 3 msg in short time, Turn off msg sound.
Save my name list setting. I dont want to minimize it every time in race. Or make it smaller there is so much useless space behind the name.
Stop hiding my speedo at the beginning and before finish line.
Show ping
Show players race line on/off setting publicly. People often follow the line and ram others off checkpoint.
Let me choose car again when I am waiting.


There is a XP earning message in the left side of the car. Move it away because it block my view when I turning left.
Custom UI. Want to move the map closer with speedo. I still driving AT because I cant see both side of my screen at the same time.
Smaller/half-size semicircle speedo. So I can put it closer to the cars without blocking too much space.
Smaller name tag without a useless block background on other players.
Custom song list

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Add the ability to manually save your game. This way we can confirm that the game has saved our progress properly before we quit for the day.

To many people are losing progress because they have no visual reference to clarify the game has saved.

Also why can’t we backup our save data like in the old days? PC players can do this, but Xbox users just have to pray nothing goes wrong. I can’t understand why a simple backup to usb device in 2022 isn’t standard practice?


Oh god the tire balance is so bad. I think balancing them is complicated though. I know rallies work on some special magic ignorant of real life or physics, but I do think it’s important we have a tire that works on both tarmac and dirt. I think the solution is for rallies to both cost more PI and for semi-slicks to grip less on dirt. They are a little too forgiving still.

Offroads both need to cost more PI AND grip WAY less on tarmac.

Kind of pointless to talk about though because no matter how much sense it makes or how bad the tire balance is, they’re never going to change it. They’re locked in for 5, and considering the response to feedback criticising tire balance in 4 is this, I don’t hold any hope for 6.

There is a workaround solution to this. Go to any house or festival. Enter, then exit. Wait for the white circle in the bottom right of the screen to stop spinning. You just forced a save.