What an unmitigated mess this game is

I’m stunned how badly this has been messed up. I was having fun doing the solo stuff then the online things became part of the weekly challenge and it fell apart.

Was this game even tested? It’s buggier and more frustrating than Cyberpunk, Playground Games has remained despite everyone hating it (now with added more frustrating play modes! That you must do for the weekly challenge! In terrible maps!) and arcade is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in a Forza game. It. Does. Not. Work. I’ve accepted I won’t be able to get it for the accolade as I’m not sitting about hoping there are enough people willing to play it or praying that the whole mode doesn’t just crash out for no reason.

This game should have been held back until it was ready for launch. I feel ripped off, I paid for the all signing, alldancing version and I’m tempted to contact MS and ask what the refund procedure is because this game is broken.

Awful. Fix it fast, cancel the weekly challenges until you have done.


Oh wow. Another useful and informative post. This will certainly make PGG speed things up. Also, if you’ve played more than a few hours, and I’m guessing you did, there’s no refund. Have fun.


It depends. Whilst there is a “fair usage” part of the community guidelines, there is no actual maximum number of hours anywhere on the Microsoft/Xbox websites. There was a 2 hour usage limit when the self-service refund system was first introduced into Insiders but it was removed for the global release. If you have played for several hours then the automatic system will likely reject the refund, yes…however, then replying to the refund denial email and explaining things escalates it to an actual human being…not saying it would make any difference of course

These days, you get what you paid for. Videogames these days are buggy, unpolished and companies dont bother to release tested polished products. Its how videogaming industry works.
If you played FH4, you already know that this company dont make polished products. Why do you buy the next FH5 to start with? to tell em that you are ok with unpolished products?

There you have your answer. This is not the golden age of videogames. Today, you get the product you “deserve”. Not more not less. If people is willing to buy unpolished products for insane prices, they dont have the “right” to complain as they are already telling the company that their games are great. Ten years ago was different, today? nope.


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Anyone would think they gifted it to us out of the kindness of their hearts rather than got paid cold hard cash for it that turns the studio heads into multi millionaires.

It’s a lazy copy and paste with inexcusable bugs and while people make excuses for them, they’ll keep doing it.



True, but i can deal with it we have internet now. This allows updates. But in this case it’s a joke. 13 days for some (more or less ‘useless’) hotfix… and best part was “Unfortunately, we have found an issue with the hotfix that will need some more testing.”


??? Nothing wrong with “bla we need more time to polish things”! They decided it’s ready Forza Motorsport - Forza Horizon 5 has Gone Gold and i have to trust them. But yeah christmas is coming and some xbox forza horizon bundle is a nice gift :money_mouth_face:

Hm, they don’t want help and look at it from diff angle it is some sort of help… In FH4 multiplayer was broken after some update and it took 7 days of “moaning” until they accepted it was their fault… and extra 7 days for the patch (pffff) look at their social media how many times they broke something with updates. What do you want? Me saying “thx pgg for adding a new car” and ignoring the fact that a major part of the game doesnt work anymore

I’m sure FH5 is a nice game in 2 years. “Ever evolving world” and they recorded lancia sounds i’m sure it becomes better and bigger. Nothing wrong with it but why releasing this “broken mess” at launch. What was the idea? Everyone needs 6 months to complete singleplayer stuff and they have enough time to polish things later? No the first thing (as soon the game allowed) was checking if multiplayer has same or newer&better features…

Yeah grow up. It’s not an 2 week old game! They are not reinventing the wheel… look at the files you find stuff from 2015

??? Pause > Settings > Extra > Credits

Great idea…

They can hire ppl to help… do some math how much money fh5 brought alone with preorders (was best selling game in ms store with preorders already) so money shouldn’t be the problem.

Btw it’s a fun game to switch the filter in MS Store to “Best rated” can you spot FH5? Where’s Waldo? :smiley: Ignore all the free and “cheap looking crap”… scroll, scroll, scroll, trust me it’s there…
you can get new level by changing language at bottom
- Microsoft Store Where is he now…

And yeah nothing wrong with saying “ok we messed up few things and we do our best to fix it”. I have cyberpunk on steam+xbox+gog
Better than this <“submit tickets” we can ignore/autoclose> bs. Show the real “Known Issues”! (also incl the never fixed stuff since fh3)


I agree with original poster…

Solo mode 9/10

Online & multiplayer 3/10

Complete mess.

Being forced to play broken online modes for festival playlist is dreadful.

Pg games have failed big time.

Awful awful awful.


Been racing online for hours with zero issues since the most recent update. :woman_shrugging:

MOTORSPORT should have been released now and HORIZON next year. this game is so bad honestly.

Yes if you get to speak to someone and if you politely explain why you think the game is sufficiently broken or whatever that you feel entitled to a refund, and if you don’t rant and be rude, you may find they have the discretion to give you a refund. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

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To the Op, thanks for your feedback. To everyone else , please remember, feedback is good, if you dont have anything helpful to add to someones post then please either read it and move on or ignore it.


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