What am I doing wrong? - Paint search issue

Hi all!

Having a little problem, and it likely is that I am missing something, but whenever I try to find a paint by certain painters, I search for there GT, and I get no results at all. I know they have done a paint, as photos have been posted on the forums, but can’t for the life of me find them by there gamertag.

What am I doing wrong? Kind of hate this system for finding paints right now.


I have not had problems.

Dumb question but are you sure you are spelling their gamertag perfectly?

I wonder if the current issue with rivals somehow affects the content servers too.

Are you in the car you are searching for the paint for?

yep, in the car I want the paint for, and am 95% sure I am spelling the gamertag correctly. I pull up the posts on the forums to ensure I get the tag right. Even Little Vixens (not her I was originally searching for as she is followed) paints do not show up when I search.