What a shame...

So I just used this car for the first time EVER, the 2010 Hyundai Forza Motorsport Genesis Coupe or 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe +, whichever menu you’re in. Well it is a crying shame this car does not have more upgrades available, mainly engine upgrades, it’s only 500 hp stock. But this car is amazing, even with minimal tuning. I’m not much of a tuner, so I only tinker with with final drive ratio and aero on all my cars. This car I ran at all of the Alps’ tracks and all of the Camino Veijo tracks with the same minimal tune setup on all of them, aero set for cornering, and final drive ratio bumped up a little bit to a 4.50 gear. So far it’s my fastest R2 car on all of those tracks. Even with traction control off this car rarely produces wheelspin. I dunno I was just flabbergasted by this car. And I know there’s better cars, but this one I think if it had engine upgrades would hang with some of the leaderboard cars on some of the tracks. What do some of ya’ll think?

It’s a shame it only goes to ~871 PI, I know some of my friends have done top 100s in it nonetheless. I agree with you though, that 4 PI in performance (perhaps 10hp or a tyre width on either end) would make it very very good. It is a very good car. I could direct you to a couple of people who have made great tunes for it too.

That’d be great. PM me here, or drop me a message on live. Hey I saw yours or maybe a friends/club members of yours’ GT way up high on the leader boards earlier. I remember the HMR. Don’t remember what type of race or class of cars though.

Sure thing, I’m doing the Xbox update right now so will get on when everything’s running again.

You’ll probably have seen us in higher class, that is our forte there!

do people race R clases online?? like are the lobbies as full as c,b,a,s ??

do people race R clases online?? like are the lobbies as full as c,b,a,s ??

Compared to the ABCs, and respective individual classes - not really. Although the Quick Race Any Class (which means X…which means Saubers) is popular too. There’s normally enough on for a few lobbies at least.

The problem is with anything S and up, you do get the people who think their Honda Civics and Datsun 510s will compete against full race spec cars and appropriate high performance road cars…which they will…for a few yards until the first corner.

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