What a load of rubbish!

What’s with all the rubbish cluttering up the race track’s?Cones,tyres and advertising hoardings all over the place,how are you meant to race with all that rubbish every where,conspiracy theorists would say that turn 10 are" wanting" us to smash into each other,The amount of times iv’e been sent sprawling into the green stuff by a random cone or an advertising hoarding laid in the middle of the track is untrue,i mean it’s not very realistic is it? i mean steward’s would pick all that rubbish up,not just leave it there for driver’s to smash into.


so you are mad at the people who can’t race causing the mess? If people race clean, all cones, tyres and adverts stay in their places.


When am on the track I don’t notice any of that stuff.

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reply to richard1973; Not really,it’s just asking for trouble isn’t it having all that stuff lying around,you can send the tyres flying by just slightly mis~timing a corner or by approaching a corner at just the wrong angle and then whoosh we’ve got 6 or7 tyres lying around for5lap’s,same goes for cones as well,i must admit to being a bit bewildered as to how an advertising hoarding ends up in the middle of the track…wrecker’s playground if you ask me,it just adds to their enjoyment and detracts from a good competitive racing experience,some races just turn into an episode of the keystone cop’s!

Only place I can think of where it gets messy is on Lime Rock South as that chicane always gets the tyres flying even on the cleanest of races. Apart from that I’m fine with it all and adds to realism if a board gets wiped out. Online races in lobbies is a mess as everyone drives everywhere, but in organised lobbies with friends it stays really tidy.

Rio gets a bit messy with tyres. Not a massive issue in my opinion, more bothered by the other drivers.

I don’t mind the extra tyre barriers too much… I just wish they’d teach the AI drivers they were there. The amount of times I’ve seen them drive straight into them as if they aren’t is a little depressing.


I’ve never had any of the debris send me flying off track. Normally it just bounces out of the way if somebody has spread it across the track, but usually the track is clean.
I dunno, get a heavier car? lol


oh yeah Rio, it does lol I must admit I don’t spend much time on that track.

reply to mitchy; you are right,the weight of the car combined with the velocity certainly make a difference.I only really race X class now and believe me when you hit even a solitary cone at 205 mph you really know about it…

I know the cones at Indy could really affect the Indy car, not sure of new physics but I was going to say if racing X class the tire debris on these tracks would probably be a pain if like FM5.

JonK in a lobby said that they (T10) thought that was what we wanted- but did realize in sim damage lobbies all the debris (Indy GP) can be a bit much.

I don’t look for it to change.

For some reason I find the movable signs at Road America have a propensity for ending up in the middle of the track. During the Can Am league I hit a stray board at the end of the front stretch that sent my car off the track while leading once. Was a total bummer. They can definitely slow your car or redirect your car depending on angle and speed they are hit at.

During the Lambo league this week I hit some displaced tires on Rio that had loosely piled near the wall that managed to knock my car into another car I was trying to leave room for. We both were able to continue on so it wasn’t a huge issue but is annoying. Also annoying when a tire finds it’s way on to your windscreen and manages to hang on there for a bit. Tires in tire barriers are banded together and are good at staying that way. Having tires from tire barriers explode every where is not at all realistic.

I like the look of them when they are in the proper spots for the realism but agree they should be “picked up by stewards” for the next lap and at least leave the pavement cleared. IRL it would be a yellow flag while it was sorted out but I don’t think anyone wants to drive caution laps anymore than we like watching them at the track.
I have come across barrier damage that I wasn’t involved in and reviewed the replay trying to figure out who did what to cause it. Morbid curiosity I suppose. …

Horror book1395 has obviously never driven on the Top Gear Tour of London from the last FM game. Garbage pails, phone booths and cutout stand ups of buses and landmarks. Now that was a load of rubbish. But a fun diversion.

I don’t like the top gear tracks full stop. I hope they don’t bother putting them in anymore forza games.


I agree, I can’t stand the place.

I am not a fan of these tire barriers being all over the track for the rest of the race after getting hit. The tires laying on the track screw me up sometimes, especially on the street circuits where you need to run close to the walls to get good times. Turn 8 at Long Beach annoys me the most, they are normally all over the exit and end up hurting your speed on the straight. Get one of those squeezed between your car and the wall and you lose a ton of time too.


This is honestly the most petty thing to complain about. I’m gonna have fun ripping you a new one. First off, learn how to drive. They are in the places they are for a reason(to cut off sections, and for advertising like in real races). Solution? Get over it. It’s not that hard to stay in the lines. Learn how to drive better if you have to. Second, the only adverse effect of running into them is you don’t gain speed for the few seconds you are. And those are just cones. And you have to hit every single one in a line for it to do that. Again, learn to race better if this keeps happening to you. Thirdly, when sprawled across the track they don’t affect you at all if you hit them. They just bounce around. So if you wanna run off the track to avoid a cone of something then do so, but don’t complain because you’re a crap driver!

First off, you are pretty much wrong on all accounts, as well as being a jerk for no reason.

He didn’t say he wants them removed from the sides of the tracks before they are hit. He is saying in real life debris on the track are removed by the stewards and he is correct.

Also there are plenty of times where you cannot avoid the banners and tires etc. once they have been sprawled all over the track.

For instance running 3 wide up the first straight on Bathurst and you have a billboard laying in your lane you have no where to go except to give up position and possibly lose due to debris that would never be on the track in that situation. And those billboards will absolutely effect your speed and as well knock you sideways at times.

Even if he was the worst driver in all of forza history he has a valid point. The tires and other debris should be moved off to the side after they have been knocked onto the track.


Should I care that I’m a jerk? Lol. Stop being so soft. Even then, none of your points hold water. Because they’re all avoidable if your an attentive driver. Why run 3 wide if you know the sign is there rather than draft? Ridiculous.