What a future great sale from drifting people community.


I would like you to create a new pack of Drift. This new downloadable pack online is to place the player and his drift racing car in the hottest tracks worlds drifter. I do not say that in forza motorsport 6 circuit is missing, but the player would be able drifter on the real circuit with his friends. Just more diversity would in all reserve be an advantage for your license. I even took the time to give you a shielded site for drift. I want to be sure you will not lack inspiration.

When you arrive on the website, you click a point on the map and a video of the circuit will be given to you.
Made watch your teams designs and designers. They will soon realize that the community is very high in the world.

I’ll speak for the whole community of drifters who loves your license and I sincerely believe that your mechanical driving is the best in the market right now. All that’s missing is the content of online downloadable tours for your Consumer Inquiries to be more satisfied and therefore give you better sales.

I’m sure that the content like this could bring you big.

Thank you for listening to me.
David amicably.

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