Wet race fans

I have to say Horizon 2 race fans have to be the most die hard fans ever. Heck even when it rains and they get wet not a single one ever leaves. NASCAR can’t say that nor can any other race series although some close though. They are impressive!!!

I kinda feel sad when I see drivers in open top cars getting wet :stuck_out_tongue:

I was feeling pretty sorry for my dude when he was sitting in his Ariel Atom without a helmet - can’t have been fun at high speed, especially when smashing through a vineyard. And then it started to rain.

Poor sod.

I’m always wet after a race,lol.

Ha ha, yeah. I’ve gotta have a towel handy to dry my sweaty hands. Kudos to Microsoft - that Xbox controller will last longer than my TV remote.

My drivatar could use the shower, he’s been wearing that same shirt for almost a month now. He must smell like the end of the world.


Epic :))

If you drive fast enough in a convertible, you tend to stay pretty dry in all but the heaviest rain. Probably not in an Ariel Atom, but any car with a full-size windscreen. Just don’t stop!

but not when ripping up a farmers field hehe

Especially the way you drive Lady Gemma :wink:

Club Gemma

yeah yeah Dan :))
Anyways I like a tin top when it is wet, I cannot get my hair wet now, come on!

Today I saw a rainbow in the game, I don’t think that has been mentioned before, it was pretty also

Yeah, I’ve seen a rainbow. I think there was talk about rainbows before the demo - something about the atmospheric physics modelling?

I saw one in the demo, none in the full game yet, but if Miz Gemma saw one I guess I’ve just been unlucky (or failed to notice it).

Hey, I’ll race ya to the end. There’s a “Pot o’ Cr” there. so the story goes, and if you drive over it you find Valhalla!

Follow my car with the little yellow (CR) symbol - it’s heading right for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind you tho, I have only ever seen 1 rainbow in total