West Coast Gold - Achievement.

So, you need the 1964 Chevrolet Impala to get this achievement.

BUT, it’s a paid for DLC.

What’s up with this?

The title update/new track was free.

I’ve paid for the game, I don’t expect to have to pay for achievements - unless I pay for DLC that includes achievements! The other achievs included in the title update don’t appear to require specific DLC content.

Loosing faith…

I can’t be the only one who thinks this way??


You are going to complain about a 5 dollar car pack or worse yet a 1-2 dollar single car purchase. I hope you never go into a gas station for gas and buy an unplanned candy bar as there went your car you could of had. Pick your battles, some are worth it. - some are not

I don’t mind that achievement. That Impala is part of a pack I want to buy, and I am getting the pack for free. May I suggest Bing Rewards? You can get $5 Xbox Money for 500 Bing Rewards points. It takes a while but so far I got $30 to spend on DLC.

You don’t have to have the car pack to get the achievement. The achievement does not say you have to win 5 gold medals in career, so you can go to free play and rent the car. Problem solved.

For me it’s about the racing not the achievements, but I appreciate that some are achievement hunters - but as an achievement hunter you should expect developers to capitalise on this as it’s a valid market to exploit and we’re fortunate that T10 don’t often do this!. I don’t see what your issue is with having achievements for DLC - I pretty much think that most game developers do this. The Porsche pack in FM 4 was the same. If Long Beach had been included on release and this achievement was just a part of the DLC car pack would you have the same issue? Logically there is no difference.

This is a DLC achievement. Every single game has them. Don’t buy the DLC and you cannot do the associated achievements. The track being free is irrelevant. This is not a T10 thing, it’s game publisher thing and they all do it.

I don’t have the DLC for dead rising 3 therefore I cannot do the achievements associated with it.

Horizon had a similar scenario. Guess if people want the achievement they’ll just have to spend more