went back to FM4 for Soccer

yup, thats all, got tired of waiting for soccer to show up on FM5 so went back to FM4 just to play the soccer mini-game.
crazy how FM4 feels so “arcade-ish” compared to FM5 now that ive become used to FM5.
one more thing, now that ive gone back to the 360 controller it is very apparent to me that the triggers on the xbox1 controller do not use their full travel (yes i have maxed out deadzones already). meaning that, the last 30% or so of trigger travel DO NOTHING, DONT REGISTER, like having a massive outside deadzone.
this is very annoying, to not be using the full travel of the trigger, and its not like your only missing a little bit of travel, but like 30% of it? thats unacceptable to me…

Who promised you these things?

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nobody promised me anything, it was a logical assumption based on the fact its in FM4, just like user created public lobbies and nurburgring. and also the fact that “top gear” content was going to be a part of FM5, as the “top gear” logo is on the FM5 box.
anyhow, they also did not promise me they would have triggers that dont use the last 30% of their travel, so yeah…

So, has someone forgot the Forza 5 Wishlist thread?

well if you were to look in that thread, you would see i have posted in there a million times.
this is not a wishlist thread, its just me sharing with the community my solution to my problem.

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So, has someone forgot this: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postmessage.aspx?t=207&yf=4
You are even one step closer to the request. I put you to the “Post Message” page.

O.K. then, I guess we haven’t forgot it. Any ways, this thread will probably be locked soon.
By the way, it’s impossible to have posted a million times, there has been 1023 posts. LoL. Just messing with you.

locked soon? what in the world are you talking about bro? this is a forum, I am sharing with the community, thats what forums are for.
jeez man, chill out.


I went back to FIFA 14 for soccer :wink:


if i could drive a ferrari on the field in FIFA 14 then i would also play it, but you cant, so i dont. in fact i have very little interest in actual soccer, the soccer aspect is just the venue for the car chess/billiard game that is FM4 soccer.
but your assumption is the very reason why people think FM4 soccer is about soccer, its not about soccer at all. its about driving skills, car control, strategy, competition, all the same virtues as racing or any other sport for that matter.
so yeah, YOUR NOT DRIVING A CAR IN FIFA, thats why its not the same as FM4 soccer, if you cant understand that, then i feel bad for you honestly.


given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting; waggish; facetious

oh, lol, ok then i guess i didnt catch that, lol.
but im still glad you brought that up because it seems every time i bring up forza soccer, people tell me to “just go play FIFA”, as if their anywhere near the same thing.
its like saying if you want to play a driving simulator, just go play mario kart.

All good.

The Top Gear guys don’t want to play FIFA either lol