Well, the 6x6 sounds awful

Thought for sure it’d be on par with the better engineered cars in the game, but nope. Same old nonsense. Irritates me to no end to know how capable the audio team is yet they keep pushing this garbage on us.

Here’s how it should sound / feel >> Proper 6x6 sound

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it’s the G65’s V12 Biturbo instead of the V8 Biturbo it should have / sound like


This (again) indicates the level of disinterested and dedication of the sound development of this game.

It’s more so every aspect in the game, not just the car sounds. The devs dont care.

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I think it’s quite unfair to put this on Developers, they are not choosing the sounds just implementing what has be designed and prioritized. They are not the ones defining the requirements, identifying what should be the sounds etc.

What we get is the reflect of priorities of managers/game designers, they want something shiny for people who consider BS/lego, Peel, ‘games’ are the best parts of the game. vrrooum vrooum crashing legos. Adding they want it low cost/quick.

Those people consider a vinyl disappearing when car goes in water is an enough important bug for someone to take care of it but being proposed to report his own tune in creative hub is absolutely fine.

Adding : most of people you see on stream are certainly the ones who are presented the results of developments and the ones giving the Go for release. They are very clever people dedicated to they job and simply having other objectives than making a polished release.


Forza is triple-A gaming series!
In my point of view, the devs show pure disinterested and lack of dedication toward the community when they launch cars with completely inaccurate/wrong engine sounds. It indicates an development attitude of ‘that will do’.

When FH4 launched, loyal players immediately noticed the induction/engine/exhaust sound development has been severely downgraded in comparison of previous titles.
Furthermore, there are many complains that sound files are copy pasted on every single model with a similar engine.

PG doesn’t respond on topics and never acknowledge or mentioning theses issues on their live streams.
The lack of communication and dedication to improve this, disappoints me and discourage me to play.

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If you are delivered a house with no electricity plugs, it is the responsibility of the project manager, not the one from the electrician as you can’t know if the Electrician was asked to put plugs in your house and the project manager was responsible for checking the house before delivering it to you.
If what is delivered does not fit your expectation, it fits the ones from the people you see in the streams.

That said, I am not satisfied of what has been delivered so far, I would have preferred some additional maps and cars + few enhancement of existing features for FH3. One proposes FH3 enhanced version, I take it.

Coming back to sounds, I don’t think they consider such as a bug but I support anyone in requesting to make it right.

The V8 bi-turbo is a swap option, so at least there’s that.

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