Well it was fun for the 30sec that it worked.

After long consideration i finally ordered a Thrustmaster TX for my xbox One. I recieved it yesterday and immediatly did the firmware update on my pc. Everything went flawless, update was 100% succesfull.

So then i plugged it into my Xbox and started up Forza 5. I grabbed myself a BMW and took it for a spin in testdrive. So far so good, everything worked fine…for 30 seconds or so.

Couple turns in to the race i heard a click coming from my wheel and it just went dead. No force feedback nothing, it also feels very notchy now, like it clicks every degree or so. The white light above the xbox button wa also on (i think it supposed to be off? Don’t know for sure?) and the mode light turned to green. I tried unplugging and plugging back in but now theres no calibration. I since then have searched all over the internet and tried every possible procedure i could find

It just doesn’t get recognized by either my Xbox or my pc. I did the uninstall of the drivers and everything, did a reinstall like 20 times to no effect. The only time it gets recognized is when i put it in boot loader mode (i think it’s called that). I can then do the firmware update but that does nothing aswell.

So does anyone have some tips to get it working again or is this a dead TX? And if dead do i need to contact Thrustmaster or the store i bought it from. By the way i bought it from an internet store so no chance of going to the store to demand a new one.

Ok some good news, i contacted the store where i bought the wheel and they made immediate work of shipping me a complete new set. With any luck i can start racing again in 2 days. :slight_smile:

Now i can only pray that they send me a good working wheel because i really don’t want to be in this position again. Fingers crossed. :smiley:

He’d bud sorry to hear that a friend is going throught the same thing just awaiting his new base
Your new one should be fine you won’t be disappointed once your up and running
If your having any problems etc head over to www.pendulumtuning.freeforums.org there’s quite a few thread on wheels problems dor ffb etc
There quite a few of us with wheels on there so we can advise on things we’ve found

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Hey thanks for the reply! Cool i will definitely take a look on that site. Cheers

New wheel arrived today!:smiley: I’ve been playing for the last two hours and everything is working perfect. Knock on wood! :smiley: And i must say, this wheel is pretty awesome when it works.