Well done Turn 10

I would like to thank and congratulate Turn10 on the excellent rendition and inclusion of Road America, the subtle changes in the standard RA track from the Forza4 version have made the track less repetitive and slightly more challenging making RA the best looking Track to date in Forza5… perhaps if the same treatment was given to Maple Valley with the inclusion of the much missed R3 Subaru RA might be surpassed but for now at least RA visually is the best track

Another note of congratulations goes to the Monthly event for GT Series R Class ONLY racing… THANK YOU !!! at long long last we can now race in cars that are very closely matched and for more than 3 or 4 laps, this makes for much closer racing and goes along way towards the removal of crash kids and adults which still plague Forza unfortunately, if you could add the GT Series R Class racing to League Select Hoppers so that we can keep this series it would be appreciated

The seventies F1 Monthly challenge would also be a big thank you but alas crash kids do seem to enjoy destroying these races, so although it is a nice inclusion it is less enjoyable than the R Class GT Series racing

The removal of the 70`s F1 cars from the R Class hoppers however is less to cheer about though, undoubtedly the Ferrari was a quick car but only if the user could drive well and had a decent tune and even then it did not dominate all tracks so i feel it was harsh to remove it from the R Class Hoppers, the only real reason i can see this happened was because there are more F1 cars to come ?? time will tell but for now it feels a tad harsh and i for one miss it, especially at Lagoona Seka.

Obviously there is still lots of work to do within the game, things like the previous lap time/ best lap time staying on screen so we are not left guessing how much we are up or down by when racing in hoppers, the positions list from the top left of the screen showing who is in front or behind and by what margin and one more thing… i know the game is set to try and make everyone a winner, maybe this is an American thing, for instance coming second gets a gold cup or third gets a silver cup ??? whatever but what is really really odd is the omission in a racing game of finding out how many races you have won overall and the percentage of wins to races ?? we have been given the most irrelevant and obscure stats you could ever imagine… Front left tire load, front right tire load and so on but absolutely no where can we find out how many races we have had, won and the associated details ???

Thanks again T10 lets hope more tracks and R Class cars arrive soon to rival the RA track and the non existent inclusion of R Class cars in packs to date

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The monthly hoppers finally updated. I will miss the 1M v’s RS3 though. Mini endurance is just what the hoppers needed and at around 12.5-15 mins is perfect. Had some great races even after being rear-ended at the start theirs plenty of time to make up ground. This format is just what we need for racing as it seems to make eveyone relax and not have a mad dash sprint like in the 2-3 lap races. Really, Really pleased with this and would like the format spread to more hoppers.
Finally a very happy Forza 5 fan. Thanks

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