Welcome to the grind

Now were wheelspins are worth close to nothing, i can’t stop thinking about new players, and the grind it will be, just to buy a highend car. That is why i spend some time racing the Goliath, just to see how much grind FH5 has become.

If you have the Forza Horizon 5 premium, you start the game with alot of cars, that is kind of a good thing, but then it stops. For the rest of the game, you only unlock cars you buy from the autoshow, okay there might be a few you can’t.

The Goliath gives around between 10000 and 12000 Cr depending on how many laps, and 4 laps takes around 50 min and gives 572044 Cr with a difficulty on 40%.

One lap gives 142256 with the same difficulty, so just imagine the grind.

To buy a 30 mill. car it would take about 45 hours to earn 30 mill, and if we say 20% can be earned by wheelspins, it would tage about 36 hours. Just to earn 1 mill takes 90 min.

So put it lightly, developers have ruined the game 100%. Okay we have to spend more time in our cars to earn the next one, but the grind to buy highend cars is so demanding that any player would give up and play something else.

Track : Goliath
Laps : 4
Class : S1
Car : Lamborghini Centenario
Total race time : 50:15 min
Total Cr reward : 572.044 Cr

Side note:
I wonder how long before developers remove “forza point” from the car mastery, now that it is the only way to buy high end cars. Farm skill point and turn then into forza point. It would take forever to earn Cr for that car.

It is a shame, but is the developers don’t want us to play, why not try something else :smiley: You could complete a F1 game before you could buy a Shelby Cobry Daytona in Fh5, and you could complete Grid 2019 if F1 games is not you :smiley:


Its not same for new players. They have the (not owned) cars in wheelspins and accolades.
Rewards from wheelspin drop after u own the cars

Okay, i did not know that. But they still have to grind long before any good car come along, i guess :smiley:

What? Only clothing items and car horns disappear from the pool of your wheelspins after you own them. You can still get the same car multiple times.

Or did i understand something wrong here?

Its gone after you own all the items clothing/horns/…
Only cheap cars and think max money was 100k in SWS

Ok have to correct me…
not fully gone collected the SWS from my bugatti’s and there was some legendary items in and more money even a golden car so seems the sws from carmasterys are “better”
so everything is fine…

To add some balance I thought the game was giving you cars and credits far too easily. Here we are 3 months after launch and just by playing the game (admittedly a lot at the start) I have every car currently available in the game, all player houses and about 35 million credits, ranked about 150 on the accolades list. I would have preferred it if I had to work a bit harder to get all cars in the game as I had to do in Horizon 4.

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You are correct. Cars you own still show up in wheelspins. I’ve won plenty of cars I already own, including a few worth millions of credits.

You are right, i have started over a few times, and before the 3 hour mark, i have 40+ cars and lots of cr. I do not mind a little grind, so the car i buy speaks to me more. But there has to be a balance down the line.

One thing, that would be awesome in the next Forza Horizon, is that, cars would be tied to reward for race wins, and maybe some race series to complete, and they would replace wheelspins with a blanced money and reward system. The game would laster longer and be more rewarding in the long run.

The funny thing is all this fuss about wheelspins and SP being refunded and I’ve so far noticed zero difference in the last couple of days since the update.

But then I didn’t grind for SP or masteries, I just race singleplayer most of the time and rivals.

I generally ignore the playlist.

Prior to the last update I saw an awful lot of posts from people stating they had all the available cars, that the game gave away cars and credits like candy. I find it amusing that the devs might just be listening to all that feedback just not in the way some people like.

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That is true, but the balance is broken, as it is now.

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It’s a brilliant move on their part because it makes the double credit bonus from VIP pass even more attractive.

“Here comes the money, money money money money money money”

Which is funny, because I’m pretty sure VIP bonuses are still broken.

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Definitely broken. I never get the VIP weekly super wheelspins. Same goes for hotel daily wheelspins. Non-stop train wreck.


In what way is it broken?

I’ve had a few wheelspins tonight and made a couple of 100k from them. I was just running some rivals tracks for a couple of hours, levelled up a couple of times - got my daily from the castle thingy as well as the credits from the races themselves.

I don’t see a problem there.

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I see your point, but the only thing you have no control over is the wheelspins and it outcome, you could get lucky or not, and then you have to grind races to earn to the car you want. I do not mind grinding for cars, but a bit blance between grind and car prices would be nice.

I spend almost a hour on Goliath with 4 laps and got 5 spins, and 70000 Cr i total, incl. those cars i could sell. If i did the same race tomorrow i could end up with more cr from wheelspins then the race it self :smiley:


The game might not be all that broken, I am still hitting the 175000 a lot.

I am still winning, gifting and being gifted nice cars like candy but before it was mad. I have almost every car and its still gonna give me the most expensive Jaguar for free because I’ve still bought under 250 cars from the Autoshow.

Yep - never had control over wheelspins can’t fault you there.

The fact I probably earned more from the WS this evening than actual racing irks me - but it’s how the game has been designed since they introduced them. But grinding just to get wheelspins - not for me and never will be. I’ll just race and what will be will be. Admittedly I spent more time painting on the earlier Forza’s than the One games and I could if I wanted make a lot of credits that way. To be fair I was never super wealthy on any of those games either but I certainly was never hurting for credits.

Nowadays I spend more time racing as the painting thing is not as rewarding as once it was - I still have loads of cars to collect - I’m o.k. with that as I still enjoy the driving side of it. If I buy some cars either to run in the latest rivals or just to fill out my garage it’s all good. Sure I could wipe out my credit balance in one swift move by purchasing even one of the more expensive vehicles but unless I really need it to be competitive somewhere - well it’ll keep.

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I can’t prove you wrong. There are many ways to play FH5, and maybe a big part of the player base has forgotten the joy of racing and earning cars, incl. myself a bit :smiley: After reading you replay that got me thinking of wiping my savegame and start over again, and try to forget how the game was before the patch, and just focus on the joyment of racing, and earn my wat to buy those cars i really want, and with that spend more time in the car, insted of buying a car try it and buy another one :smiley:

It’s your call - but I wouldn’t necessarily be running to delete anything. Just you know use some of those cars you have, for what they were meant for.

Add some people - take a run at their times on rivals. Up the difficulty, turn off some assists there are loads of different ways you can broaden your enjoyment of the game.

Even learn to paint - when I do it and come out with something I know I’ve created and surprise myself (I’m not generally artistic in real life) I work in a bank for goodness sake - there is real joy there. The downside these days is you have to get lucky for anyone to ever see it lol but that’s once again a whole other issue.

Figure out how to build and tune a car to suit your style or just find a set of tuners that works for you and push those to the limit of your ability. These games have always gone - this is what we made now have at it. You get to choose how you enjoy the game.

I get that some people are annoyed because how they enjoyed the game was playing the get everything asap - but then what? Unless they are then going to take the next step of playing the game, they will move on till the next one rolls around and well not really scrape the sides of what games like this have to offer.