Welcome to the FRDT, racing / replica / drift, painting booth

Hi guys

Here, you can find all our racing, replica & drift paints.
As usual tag FRDT in game.

Fantasy → Click

Website → http://teamfrdt.wix.com/frdt
In french for the moment, but an english version as soon as possible :wink:

Enjoy :wink:

Reserved for future paints

Love the use of textures on your designs!
Some very cool paints, especially the drift one


Thanks for them, AB

Lots of cool paints.

alot of nice paints!

what a awesome collection your team got here. keep it up

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

All awesome love them all big fan of yours from forza 4…

Wow these are all just incredible! Great stuff here mate.

Thanks guys

Some great looking cars

I tried to find the 67 Corvette paint, and couldn’t find it. I used the FRDT tag in the description, and even tried the gamertag. Am I missing something?

Thanks guys

Not still of X1 for me. I just take care of internet pages (here, facebook, web site and forum)

It’s on the store of pat the cat 0

Thanks for all :wink:

Hello GeeBee,
Corvette is in my window.
strange that you have not found! ??
may be a mistake in my gamertag, write
pat the cat 0, with a zero at the end
tell me if this persists

great stuff mate. some very cool stuff here

Great collection and the #51 R8 is purdy

Fantastic… I was using the wrong gamertag. I already had pat the cat followed, but it never showed up for me when I went searching. But I’ve found it now… Great work guys.

Cool :wink:

Some new paints.


Pepit for the team Sittin Sideways