Welcome to SQB Racing (Squirrley Boy Racing)

Welcome to SQB Racing.

We hold races every Thursday night. We start a room around 9PM EST and run till 11PM.
Some nights we hold random races, soccer matches and other things but mostly we run spec races that run for a few weeks at a time.
Feel free to post/message if you would like to join in the fun.

I will post our next spec series ( car/build/pi & tracks ) in the next few days.

And we’re back!

hey guys no faster internet yet but if you get a wild hair i can chase you guys in the leaderboards, i’m board and dying to race!..if need be i can post pics to show you i did it with traffic ect.

And we’re back to square one on the boards?

Yup, back to square one.
I’m thinking Audis for the next spec race. Ill play with builds tonight and post up this weekend.

But for tonight build an R3 NSX ( no race car models ) and we will run them on some random tracks.

Geek… we miss you over in 360 land…

I don’t miss the 360 but I definitely miss the Thursday races. I’m done with the career mode and all bonus events so I’m starting to spend more time painting and tuning. Not that I’ll ever become a tuner but the open source tunes are a good source from which to create my own.

I’ll keep the wheels turning until the rest can join in FM5.

by time we all get our xbox1s forza 6 will be announced!

Well see what happens after taxes abd I pay off this boiler and I get my wheel bearings fixed and we insulate the house better and we… too many things…

360 for me for now…

i’m with professor on when we’ll all have the x1, for me the x360 was out for almost 5 years before i bought one. but i may just break my rule of never spending more than 250 for a console (which i never have ever!). with that being said if i do go out and get one before it drops below the 250 mark feel special guys cause if it weren’t for you there’s no way i would pay that much

Hey man what classes do you run? I might want to give it a shot I mostly run B class but I think I need to venture out off the class does everybody run same tune? let me know FAA MAD JAMMER

hey guys i threw a few cars up in the garage to play around with, if you got time go check them out, be easy with the rasta rocket though it’s not the typical death tune it’s stable but has no handling for an r3 car albeit it’s ungodly fast

race hard guys!

I will be starting up a SQB Random Racing lobby in the next 20 minuets. Fairly clean fun racing. Last race of the night is 2 laps on the ring in what ever class we decide upon.
Feel free to join in!

crap i knew i should have brought my xbox with me on my trip(bangs head against wall). silly-okey-dokey-oh i’m an idiot

Well, it took me about a month to find this new thread. I’m gonna make sure that I’m there every week!

And G33k, I need an excuse to ignore the career in FM5. When I’m on the One, send an invite!

I’ll take you up on that… Done with career and all bonus races so I’m at 100%. All that is left is to do some hot lapping and see how far I can get in the rivals. That gets boring quickly so I need something better than the public lobbies. Preparing for the VM V8 Supercar series so I have something to keep me busy but friendly competition from somebody other than a crashing drivatar would be a welcome distraction.

so you guys had a chance to test any of those cars yet? i guarantee their prime for their use…lemme know what you guys think. the xj220 should be pretty sweet for the ring

Played FM5 for a bit last night. Its definately trickier then all the previous games. Braking while turning seems to be a major no-no in this one. Made running at the Alps tracks hard since I liked to trail brake into the corners their.
One problem tho… I could not for the life of me figure out how to join Gecko or G33k’s games. Used to be you go to their profile and select “join race” but I couldnt find that option anywhere. Nor could I find an option to start a party or anything like that. Major confusion for sure!!
I started the career with the RX-8. Fun little car, but it seemed to be very tail happy. Won 4 out of the first 5 races, kicking major a$$ on Sebring. Will need more time with it to get used to the physics, but overall I like it. Especially the triggers. Really helped me tell when my brakes were locking up… Will play more through the week when I can get to Twiggy’s and take over his X1.

You (I think, at least) have to be in a party with the person. One person starts the multiplayer game (either public or private), and when the others go into multiplayer, they have a popup option to join a game with party members. Kinda confusing at first, but not too bad.

Yea I kept seeing a thing to press start to join party game, but all it did was load up multiplayer and then nothing. But i also couldnt find a single thing for starting a party with anybody. They really got that whole thing messed up compared to the 360. Hope they fix it like they said they were.

and on a side note… Titanfall is freeking AWESOME!! had a blast playing the demo. Is making me want an X1 even more now.

Haven’t figured out how to join friends. Seems silly that they show friends online but no way to join them.

Create online private lobby and then there is an option to invite friends. Once accepted it will only add you to the party. Snap so that the party come up and then join the game. And even though you join the party you still have to activate party chat or you won’t hear anything.

Confusing as hell and then you see somebody talking but can’t hear a thing because some are in party chat and some not…

Haven’t seen many online lately, probably have Titanfall to blame…

Figured out the party thing and how to join games. Ever so retarded how they have it setup right now. So glad the next update will fix that…

As for Titanfall no one can play it anymore. The beta ended almost 2 weeks ago, so no playing until the 11th when its released.