"Welcome to racing"

You know how when you join online racing…it says “welcome to racing” (laughable) maybe have it say…“Welcome to waiting.” Well I’m eagerly awaiting(I know ironic) GT7…for now this is a “drunk” WASTING TIME type of game. I’ll just drift away on the open map with a sweet 10 skill point maximum even if I rack up a 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 score!

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Sadly I don’t believe they will improve this as the longer players wait the more their game time metrics increase.

So let’s say a player logs in for a “quick” 3 race championship. Let’s say this takes 30 minutes where 9 minutes was spent on racing and the remaining 21 minutes was waiting in lobbies.

If they improve this and reduce time spent in lobbies from 21 mins to say 1 minute then they have reduced your play time down from 30 minutes to 10.

Shareholders would be upset that the average play time had dropped to a third. This would result in PG stock falling rapidly that would then lead to a stock market crash and the world would enter a depression that would take decades to recover from.


Do we get the bugs fixed faster if we spend more ingame idle time to trick the shareholders?
At the moment with those smaller playlists my ingametime per week got also smaller…

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Just hope for the sake of all PlayStation boys that GT7 lives up to all the hype they giving it. Lol

Thread is nothing to do with GT, grow up.


Just in case you didn’t read it the OP mentions GT7, so I was responding to that, it seems every time something is found to be wrong with FH5 someone will say cant wait until GT7 is released,


There was no chance today getting in Horizon Open for a race at all.

Tried more than two hours but was always set in the waiting queue - don’t get it why you where placed into a multiplayer event were already the last race is active - so you have to wait and wait and wait. And when finally the next event is starting, you get kicked out the server while chosing the next car because of inactivity. Really?

And the bad internet connection lays not in my hands - got 250 mb/s cable and the speedtest says it is good for 278 mb/s. (Before, while, and after trying to play this game)

If your having issues entering them restart game. I’m not sure what they did but I’ve noticed new issues over the past week where nothing pops after you queue or requeue.