Welcome to Multiplayer playlist and multiplayer track selection.

Okay so I can not be the only one to have noticed this but why on Earth in a public hopper are the only tracks you get Dubai, Suzuka and the rare Mugello. I’m not so worried about this I assume it could be fixed tomorrow on the full release. Just makes playing in a lobby a bit dull currently.

Now on to my main point, this one confuses me is it the way they set it up or is it a glitch?

So the Restrictions for Welcome to Multiplayer say you must be in the #63 Lambo Super. Okay fair enough, now since there is not a “Division” requirement you can upgrade it all you want and still use it, yet the second requirement states that the car must be homologated.

I have used it a few times once I saw it but there are plenty of 887 pi maxed out #63s and they are so much better then the rest and this vehicle at 887 is not using the Homolgated Restrictor plate.

Now is this a glitch? I think it is but who knows, what I know is its to good compared to the rest. Now with how it is worded since there is no division requirement can we upgrade out of the division freely? But since it says it must be Homolgated shouldn’t that mean they should at least have the Restrictor plate on? All I know is that thing is very unfair in a lobby of mostly rentals or fresh bought 834s.