Weird rewind glitch/bug thing

Ok, so this has happened to me at least 2 times so far…

I’m trying test driving the Abarth 131 on Dubai (struggling to remember if this happened while testing the last time too, I think so though…). I accelerated hard to redline 3rd then, deciding I wanted a higher top speed on that gear, I adjusted the final drive accordingly. As I’m adjusting the gear, my car is frozen mid-rewind. Once I back the car up enough to have the space I need to test the gear once more I exit rewind, and then… All hell breaks loose.

My engine redlines, HARD, for at least 6 seconds and my back tires spin up to 1,000 mph++. No amount of braking can stop the car from spinning out and if I back up further into the rewind, as soon as I hit resume it starts again.

Anyone else?

Since i can remember, any adjusting of the gearbox while the car is moving causes locking up all tiers or engine hanging in the red line and some more stange things, the only way to avoid this is to stop the car on the track, adjust gears and go on.