Weird problem

I seem to have lost all my career progress and all my saved/shared tunes just show ‘invalid data’ and will not load when i try and load them from ‘my tunes’. However, the actual build and tune are still applied to the car.

I’ve still got all my cars, credits and level etc, it’s just these two problems.

Is it worth deleting the local save to see if that sorts it or should i just leave it be? Not to bothered about the career progress as i’d already completed it but it’s bugging me now that the tunes won’t load. Am i likely to cause more problems by messing with the saves?

If you delete your entire save you will lose everything and you would have to start over. You should beable to just go into your tunes and just delete the ones that are invalid. They most likely got corrupted somehow and the tunes you have applied to the cars are still usable.

Doesn’t your career progress also get saved to the cloud?

Everything is on the cloud. Forza doenst have any local saves. What you see when you go to manage game on forza 6 is whats on the cloud. nothing is local anymore. That’s the issue with the cloud you will lose things more often than if it was local on your HDD. The only things local are when you install the disc and download content stuff.