Weird glitch, have a fix?

Okay I have 3 CTS-Vs all with the same design that I made on them, but I want each 3 to be different color combinations.

I want a blue a gray and a white, but when I try to change one the color that I want, the other 2 change to that same color also.

Also they show up in my garage thumbnail as “blue grey and white” like they are supposed to be. But each one I select is still white.

Does anyone know what’s going on and how to solve it?

You are probably using the same design on all 3. Try “Save to Design Catalog only”. Give each color scheme a different name. Also the thumbnail sometimes doesn’t correctly update. So load the design and double check. If the design is right and the thumbnail is not, load it, apply and remove a sticker and “save to design catalog only.” Then load the file. It should be right.

you’ve saved them all under the same name. you need to name one blue, then name the next one white, then name one grey. and be sure to save each under a new separate name, not just a rename.

No I only saved the grey one then when I load the grey design onto my car I then go change the color of the decals to white. Then I save the new color as CTS W I go into my garage and see a grey a blue and a white. When I select my grey one to go drive it suddenly it is white too. I go to reload the grey one which is saved as CTS G and it loads onto the car just fine, but when I go back to my white one. BAM suddenly it’s grey again.

Had this prob myself. Save 'em to design catalog as caddy1, caddy2, caddy3. Otherwise they’re all called “forza livery”, and you’re actually saving over the original every time you swap up the colours on any of 'em.