Weird Dx 12 Bug AP501

So I installed the game yesterday, after doing a fresh install of windows 10.

Worked fine played a bit, had some stutters, presented weird, would start out in every race, but subside over time, and game would eventually run smooth.

Remembered i forgot to install new intel chipset drivers and hd audio codecs

Installed those drivers, and moved the game to another drive, restarted the pc.

And now, all of a sudden, when i start the game , i get an error telling me i dont have dx12 / error ap501.

Weird, i restart my pc again, and now the game just closes as soon as i start it.

what to do ?

How did you move the game to another drive? COs if you just moved it to another drive, all the registry entries are still pointing to the old folder/directory. Try putting it all back and see if that fixes it.

No I used the function within windows 10. Was just now checking to see if anything weird is going on in the registry.

I would think that moving the game like that should work just fine ?


It does seem like no registry changes was made, but its not entirely clear which ones needs to be fixed if any. would have to have to move the files back, takes forever, and my c drive needs the free space. :S

It would seem that Package Root Directory is still pointing to the old location, wasnt changed in the move, as it should have been. It is not possible to edit it in the registry tho, at least not without working around the lock first.

Yeah, windows store is REALLY picky about directories.