Weird bug with photos.

So i take my first picture on Forza for something other than my own amusement, first one fine. second one i get this;

Then the third one is fine again. Anyone else encountering this bug? Seems like they’ve spent all their time introducing loot boxes and homologation, while only releasing half the features, and all but abandoning quality control!
What is going on at Turn 10 these days, cos it sure as heck ain’t building a quality controlled title.
This is all on Xbox One as well before someone says my PC is at fault.

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Now happening on most photos!

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Very strange. I took a few last night without any issues, plus no-one from my group have mentioned this today.

You’re actually playing a game of Atari Super Breakout by mistake!


Does the issue persist after rebooting? If so, be sure to report it in the Tech Support forum.

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@entrant63, i wish a i was playing breakout, that was fun!

@Max, will do.

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Reminds me of what the turns looked like in Pole Position for the Atari 2600.

Were those pictures taken by [redacted]?

my editing tools are sometimes not working but i have never seen this (and im up 100+ saved photos allready) xboxone.
this game seems to be addicted to do a hard reset everyday. that have worked wonders for me(with crashes and everything)
did a hard reset fix it Mitchy?

Seems to be ok now but i haven’t tested the same car/track combination as of yet.

I told ya not to take a picture with highly classified Top Secret laser weapon thingy mounted on the hood! The censors will get you every time!

LOL. I actually had super top secret loot crates on the roof!

@BBTD MitchyK7 The Golden Age of Gaming!