Weekly Rewards disbursed incorrect

Redeemed weekly rewards were late for the past two weeks, and when they did finally come over they both were 1 credit each, not the customary 425,000. Please correct this distribution of credits by x2! Thanks!

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The 1 CR Gift Messages were sent unintentionally during maintenance; they are not related to any in-game events or to Forza Rewards. Rivals rewards are still being processed. If you have not yet received your regular weekly Forza Rewards by Monday please submit a ticket at Forza Support; these should continue until the May 5th closure.

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Haven’t gotten any since, but no big deal - the program ends soon anyways and I have enough credits I don’t know what to do with!

hehehe… ends soon… and I thought it had already ended and not been checking the last few weeks… lol. Already deleted Forza Hub. No biggie :smiley: