Weekly playlist rewards cars are getting worse!

How is it that the devs think we are going to put effort into getting a car that 1, is in the the autoshow and 2, is really cheap to buy (I.e evo 6) and even the prizes for weekly completion are a load of rubbish, cars we could just go buy in previous game.

It’s getting a joke that we have to work for cars we could previously buy in the autoshow for pittance and now if we miss it have to go to the auction house and spend millions on.

Start giving us cars that haven’t been in the game before newly released cars for example 2020+ year cars and add requested cars to car pass.

And also what’s with the car pass cars the only one up to now even remotely wanted was the TWR xj220


I actually really like the classic Renault and the mercury and the classic Jaguar from the car pass. I’m less interested in the hyper cars and much more interested in historically significant of just old cars in general. When the car pass ends there will be “new” cars added more frequently to the playlist. Same thing happened in Horizon 4. I’m sure every single car in Horizon 4 will be available within the next year or so if they continue to offer up 8 or more cars a month in the festival playlist. Many of my favorite cars from previous titles are missing but I’m sure they will make it in eventually.

Hopefully PG games will adjust the auction house to make scalping less lucrative.

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Maybe they could give the reward cars a special tune or livery. Anything to make them better than just another reasonably-priced car you ca buy in the Autoshow.

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It’s obvious what they’re doing here…

They’re adding re-hashed content from the previous games to inflate the ‘exclusive’ car list for the later life of the playlist. The same thing happened in H4 but it was less noticeable then.

At the moment they’re just putting cars back in the game that should have been there since launch, then when the car pass ends, I bet the rewards for completing playlist chores become more appealing… and by that time, they’ll have a good amount of ‘exclusive’ cars to put behind the championship and other ‘challenges’, whilst holding the New content hostage behind the overall completion stats.

This whole game is so disingenuous and scheming now… feels like I’m being manipulated just by playing it.


Hey it at least beats a pencil dress.


On the current trajectory, future weekly challenge rewards will be more face masks nobody will ever use. Cynical me half expects the devs to focus on character add-ons like tattoos and body jewelry.

My driver is currently wearing that pencil dress under the tuxedo I got from the Eliminator accolades.

And why are we still getting cloth masks? CDC has said that we need N95/KN95 masks for the Omicron variant. If you PGG wants to protect my driver from getting COVID, they need to give us N95 masks as rewards. I’m also wondering why the crowd isn’t wearing face masks. I can understand the NCPs sitting on their patio not wearing a mask but the ones at the festival sites should all be required to be masked and holding their vax cards. :slight_smile:

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Ah and here was me thinking that it was the best prize ever… for reason marked below :joy::rofl:

[Me: walks away slowly, sad faced… whilst removing my wife’s pencil dress, no longer having a IRL character resemblance… :cry:]


I agree, getting real tired of them bringing back cars from last games and marketing them as they’re brand new. Should all be in from the get go. Really disappointing and provides no motivation to complete the playlists.


Yep. Players don’t want to drive an antique Bentley for an hour to get 160 FP when we get more entertainment and FP playing solo Arcades for the same amount of time.

I think the same thing. I remember in FH4, the race in the Forzathon are for exclusive or new car, that was pretty fun doing this race for this. This week, doing the race for an VW that I allready have and we can buy at the Autoshow are a bit boring and sadnest


One of the most obvious examples of downgraded rewards compared to FH4 is seasonal stunts. FH4 gave us super wheelspins, FH5 gives us regular wheelspins.