Weekly Playlist challenge not activating and working

It’s NOT fixed! And to make it worse, the “fix” discussed in this post (changing of the Quality/Performance option), no longer works! Seriously?! I’ve even tried the McLaren Senna thing too. I think as a community, we’ve been very patient & supportive. However, I’m really starting to lose my patience with this release.

Please fix this?!

Has anyone found another work around that works with the latest update?

The only fixes they do is to remove things that actually help the players, like the four points that everyone was getting for every season for doing the monthly rivals challenge, I seriously doubt anyone even reported that, the things people do report they ignore.

Once again, the Forzathon Weekly Challenge isn’t registering that I own and am driving the specified car. The update was supposed to fix this. What the heck? This worked without issue until around 5-6 seasons ago, then nothing but problems. Even the previously mentioned graphics change doesn’t help.

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I’m having an issue with the original hot hatch challenge i bought the 1983 vw golf gti and drove it around for hours but the first task isn’t completing i bought the car again just to see if it would work the second time but no luck

Is anybody having this issue
I’m playing on a Series X not sure if that has anything to do with it

A bug many have had… iirc the “fix” that seems to have the most luck (as little luck as it is) is change to a different car then do a full quit out of the game and a power down restart of the Xbox. Relaunch the game and hope for luck when you again get in the required car and leave your house/garage. Good luck.

Thanks i will give it it try i will let you know if it works

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Also changing from performance to quality mode and restarting has fixed it for me with the Peel and Isetta. I am on XSX.

I can’t get the first part of the weekly challenge to register. Definately have the correct car (2017 Ford F-150 Raptor). I’ve tried the old 'change the graphics mode setting and restart. I’ve closed and restarted with right car. I’ve closed and restarted with a different car and then selected the right car. Nothing works. It seems to me, if you don’t start and complete the Weekly Forzathon challenge on the very first day it is available, it just doesn’t work. FH4 never has this problem. Anybody out there experience the same and have a solution?


Odd - just had a friend saying something similar yet I did it earlier today.
Seems to be another of those bugs that works on and off.
Stick a ticket in and try another time. It usually sorts itself out eventually.

I’ve had this happen if you don’t actually drive the selected car. Getting in and exiting to free roam alone won’t do it.

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I just ran into the same issue, tried all of the things you tried but I did find something that fixed it for me. I bought a new one in the autoshow with a stock paint job and and no tune/upgrades. Left my ‘house’ and it immediately recognized it and I’m on to Chapter 2 now.

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Now been trying for… 5h 23mins.
2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.

First part doesn’t register so won’t be able to make all challenges due to a stupid glitch.
And out of what I’ve seen it’s fixable on PC where you change graphics. BUT, I’m at Xbox One X so that’s not a solution for me.

This means I’m screwed?..

And while I’m at a rant:
Why not have the Co-ops as they were in FH4?
Now it’s nearly impossible to get into a Co-op if you’re not in a convoy and if you do it’s gonna be for another race then the one you chose… :person_facepalming:

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Sadly, probably yes. I hope you were getting other stuff done while trying. And I presume you tried the usual “fixes”… turning it off and turning it on :wink: , detuning, retuning, buying new a new car, standing on one foot, chanting The Rite of Forza …

I’m not convinced ANY of the “fixes” actually do much in this mess of bugs except keep players from blaming the game and giving it time to realize…

" Oh, hey, that IS the right car/tune/race/whatever after all ! Well, my bad, carry on then."

Good luck, we’ve all been there, sympathies.

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I am having a similar issue with this weeks “LOBO” challenge. I already had the vehicle and also tried buying a new one, and leaving in stock state. Still did not acknowledge. Any chance on this being resolved before tomorrow’s next iteration.

I’m not one to say anything is impossible… but… it’s an issue that has long been a problem with no fix yet so, let’s say, it’s unlikely to be fixed today. Sorry, and good luck with it self-correcting in time to get it done.

Hi all, just chiming in to mention that although I don’t have a fix date to share, the team is still actively investigating this issue.


#Forzathon Weekly Challenge: Mexican Supercar—BROKEN
Unsuccessful to complete any of the four challenges.
Unsuccessful even after purchase of second VUHL.
Unsuccessful even after removing Quick Resume & Restart 4-times.

Chapter 1: Echieverria Production | Own and drive 2017 VUHL 05RR
Chapter 2: Road and Racing | Win any Road Racing Event with the VUHL
Chapter 3: Light N’ Fast | Maintain a speed of over 170mph (273.6 km/h) for 15 seconds on Mexican roads VUHL
Chapter 4: Like a Feather | Earn 3 stars on any Danger Sign with the VUHL

:slight_smile: However, I was able to complete the Event Lab “Coaster” on the first try using the VUHL.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem on Mexican Supercar again… I am using MS Store on PC and tried to remove all %TEMP% files that’s able to delete and restart the game but still not working. Why is this game breaking bug still not fix after releases? I had this issue since day 1 when it launch and still…

Mexican supercar is the first one that I got stuck. only did chapter one after a few restart and tried again.
Winning more than 5 street race wth 2 different 05RR for chapter 2 but failed.