Weekly Playlist challenge not activating and working

Hi first of all I’m sorry i don’t mean to be a pain on the forums but i seem to be having trouble with the weekly playlist, today is Sunday and i am on Forza Horizon 5 ultimate edition Xbox Series X and it says to own and drive a British or Japanese car made after 1999, I have driven the McLaren 2020 GT it wont go past the first step, I have driven the 2015 McLaren 570s again wont work, i am now driving the 2013 Aston martin vantage s still wont activate, Am i doing something wrong? Is anyone else having trouble?

Its really sad and annoying as i had this trouble before with the Ferrari 458, not the first time this has happened.

Do i need to make a ticket?

side not I also made a ticket for support about non Xbox live gold users missing out on so many rewards and I’ve commented on YouTube, Facebook and twitter about it and i am over talking about it and giving up on anything being done, so it is what it is :frowning:

I have also tried many different cars now and i left game for a few hours and came back now to try and nothing it still wont update, I am now in the supra 2020 ( i wanted to support uk no japan) it still wont progress from the first step.

I have tried other steps too from switching performance mode to quality mode and i lost vibration in controller too :frowning: which is on and a scale of 0.7 in menu and then i switched back to performance mode still not change to play list ( restarted game in between switching modes) my vibration came back when i brought up the menu which was odd :frowning: IM SO AT A LOSS WITH THIS GAME, I’ve written numerous problems on forums i have had since launch and game has had many many updates too and we are still getting issues. i just wish the playlist would work and i need to do weekly as i do not own Xbox live gold and therefore will miss out on the car for 25 points etc :frowning: I have also made a ticket not sure where that will go. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :frowning: I’m sorry i don’t want to be a pain but would just appreciate a game i paid over $100 Australian for ultimate edition to work


Switch to right car…
Leave Home wait for saveindicator to disappear
then Menu>Settings>gfx>switch performance/quality
wait for restart it shows completed and do the other steps in same session or it resets later.


I have tried these steps and cars from the list and it still is not working for me Forzathon weekly playlist step one :frowning: I have tried a Bentley, mini, jaguar and the corsa vxr nothing :frowning: i have also switched quality mode and i dont have any vibration in controller even though it is turned on via menu and also play list still wont update either and ive changed from jaguar f type project 7 to aston martin dbs 2019. i have made a ticket too and this is so frustrating this game when things do not work and the game has had many updates too.

Also its been hours too since i went and played something else and now i am trying again (not sure why)

I just did a hard reset of my Xbox Series X and before that I was in the 2018 land rover velar 1st edition and now the forzathon weekly playlist has just updated ME :frowning: i dunno with this game.

Ignore the list from other post was from prev season

There is no need for hardreset/reinstall and whatever

Jump into McLaren Senna and leave home/festival
drive few meters check if it changed to step2 if not do the forced restart thingy via videosettings and check if step2 is active after

QuickResume causes problems too so it helps to fully close the game after playing Launcher->Close

i have bought the 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z TWICE and the challenge still won’t register that i have the car! without it recognizing that i actually am driving it i can’t progress the challenge to completion.

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Yes I have the same, I’m hoping it’s because it doesn’t start until general release on the 9th despite the timer ticking down.

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Same here, I also have 2 Fairlady cars and the challenge just doesn’t complete.

Same. Challenge can’t be achieved.

Same here,

The Forzathon shop is closed for the moment, maybe it’s the reason.

Worked ok for me last night using the Fairlady that you receive as an award, completed the challenge in full. The shop isn’t working though for sure.

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It worked fine for me using the one that I got as a reward. The second chapter is getting 9 stars in drift zones and if you haven’t opened the PR festival they do not show up on the map so you cannot do them so you cannot get past chapter one of own and drive the car.

Quick update, same fairlady but the bug isn’t here anymore.

I did nothing, try several horizon arcade games but I’m alone to do the job. I join an expedition to unlock the rush horizon place and the first chapter was completed.

i opened horizon rush yesterday and today i tried again and i was able to complete it. not sure if i had to open up the rush location before the car would register or not.

Just want to add that this also completed for me using the reward car

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The 3rd chapter where you need to take a photo of the 2019 porsche 911 carrera s is not unlocking for me. tried switching cars and back into it with no success.

just keep trying, go through whatever porsches you have, photograph them, go back to that one, photograph it - good luck

Make sure that you are not near a house, city/town or Horizon festival location. Basically make sure you are in the middle of nowhere on the map.

So is nobody else experiencing this BS!!!

Im not on PC, using an Xbox Series X, so there’s no excuse there! ( ie Windows shiet!!)

But this poxy weekly challenge in my game insists on resetting to the beginning!!!

Im a new player to Forza tbh, id not touched a rally game since the “Colin Mcrae” dayz ( iirc this a a kinda spiritual successor ) & am surprised at just how much fun imhaving so far… but this is getting a tad annoying now…

Any advice ??

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You are not the only one. My game keeps reverting my progress literally every time I log back in. I’m also on Xbox.

They are small bits most of the time - a two or so races, a few levels or cars from wheelspins. But last night the game reverted my completion of The Trial, Seasonal Championship, two races, 9 cars 10 levels, some collectibles AND weekly challenge, just like yours.

It’s got really egregious at this point - for example, the tunes and designs for the i8 saved properly, but the car itself had gone.

It happens literally every time I log back in. I lose some bit of progress. And my game does not crash, and I also make sure to save manually by visiting the garage and buying something. I’m surprised this is not discussed more, to be honest. We can’t be the only ones experiencing it.

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