weekly challenge true grip

458 challenge not sensing completion…i have already 3 starred all speed zones … and no matter where i complete or how fast … i get no completion on this event so cant complete challenge

Myself and a friend got this and so its not 100% bugged. We got 3 x 2 stars in the same zone, can’t remember it’s name but its the most north-westerly one. I was in S1 and my friend S2.

I got this too right at the stadium in a S1 900 tuned car. Just did a circle around the stadium - got 160 km/h (three stars) at the first run and 162 km/h at the second.

Just do one speed zone twice, that is much easier than doing two different in the time limit because you are not allowed to fast travel for this.

That’s not the reason. I have all 3 starred and did not beat my pb. This unlocked.

So its not due to prior completion.

Just checking you are doing zonesnot traps?

yeah, i have tried that and many other variations … none work … same place six times (3 stars each time) … different places in 5 minutes… I… can do it in 3 different places … still no go … I can only guess it cause i have completed all speed zones on 3 stars already, so yes defiantly bugged

It’s not the 3 stars.
These already 3* finished speedzones required you to not only use a specific car, but now to beat your old record (which you made with a different car) too.
(Like finishing the watersplash with the Ford F150 with an average speed of 100mph (that challenge no longer exists), bad luck to you if you already did that with a Toyota Baja with 130mph…).

I also finished up all speed zones before last season (also with 3 stars each) and for this the challenge unlocked on first try.
First I drove the dirt speed zone below the large bridge and immediately afterwards the one to the north east, and for good measurements, turned and drove that one again.
Later I saw that the challenge was completed. (Didn’t get a notice, though).
The 458 was tuned up to S2, by the way.

XBox SX, Multiplayer Mode.