Weekly Challenge 458 Italia Chapter 4 is bugged

No matter what I do I can’t get it to count any road circuit wins

Restarted. Changed cars. Changed back. Closed game. 4 new tracks. 4 old tracks. Tried sprints instead of circuits. Event lab circuits.

Nothing works. Stays at 0/2. Another week, another untested mess of weekly challenges.

what platform are you on because it worked just fine for me on PC?


Xbox Series X

Are using the 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia, not the 2013 Ferrari 458 Speciale?
I’ve noticed this on a couple of tasks that you have to use the make, model and class to complete it.

While it dies seem to work for most people it does have multiple complaints about it on the forums.

Noone seems to know why or what the solution is.

It worked ok for me on Xbox One.

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It worked fine for me on Series X.

I just did 2x of my shared ‘HOF - Time Trials - Road’ blueprint.

I just went to the Lookout Circuit, which is located next to the Horizon Rush Outpost. I won it in an upgraded S1 class 458 Italia and the Chapter Progress updated to 1/2, so you could try to replicate that step to see if you can make some progress.

I happened to have never run the Lookout Circuit - just in case this is bugged similar to other events, try a Circuit where you have not unlocked a Rookie accolade.

The English wording of chapter 4 ends with “win 2 Road Circuit Events in.” as if there is supposed to be a time requirement as with chapter 3. I got confirmation from the team that there shouldn’t be a time requirement on this chapter but you might keep an eye on it to make sure you win two circuits within a short amount of time.

Another step you might try is to not use Fast Travel between races, since Fast Travel seems to have reset the Chapter 3 progress. (I Fast Traveled to the Chihuahua Circuit for my second race and the counter did not reset).

MonoarNZ mentioned restarting, but for anyone else having trouble with Chapter 4, do try rebooting your device as the first step in troubleshooting.

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for me is not even ticking off being in the car dont see how anyone can say have compleated any of it on series x


I’ve completed it and I’m on Series X.

I’ve both cars and 54 points for this week. Did it all in few hours.

I have had this problem previously and fiddling around with a different car for a while and changing back fixed it. I would also suggest making sure you change to the 458 in one of the Festival sites or a player home instead of out in the world, as other challenges (like seasonal pr stunts) have not registered for me as if I was using the wrong car until I switched in a festival site.

It definitely worked on my Series X. I don’t remember what track, unfortunately, but I have 3 starred all of the road circuits long ago.

Worked for me on a PC, I used the Pista. Make sure to do circuit events not sprint events.

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It worked for me on Series X. I did the Horizon Festival Circuit twice in a row and I’ve raced that track many times before so that shouldn’t matter. My guess is that OP isn’t using that exact car since there are a couple of similar versions or maybe the PI is wrong.

Mine wasn’t registering me having the car at all, couldn’t get past Chapter 1.

Solved it by launching the game via xCloud on my laptop - it magically registered. Completed the forzathon via cloud as a result. All other seasonals registered fine back on XSX.

Not registering being in the car for me either and I tried the suggestion above.

Once again just a poor showing from the game, stuff as basic as this shouldn’t be going wrong for anyone in any game in this day and age.

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Serious question - did you drive the car or just be in it

You need to drive it to register.

Also are you in the right version as there are two.

My apologies for this in advance if your post is a genuine attempt at helping.

Please don’t insult me with questions like that, I know when I’m driving a car + when something says Italia as opposed to Speciale or 2009 rather than 2013.

Pinkie’s suggestion worked so thanks for that Pinkie, quite why closing and re-opening the game finally makes it realise you’re in the right car I don’t know though.

For TheGillesMuller and the rest of community members posting troubleshooting help requests: Nobody here is a mind reader, and anyone smart enough to think they know they’ve done everything right should also be smart enough to know that the first response to a “I need help” is going to be a question about every step already taken to try to solve the issue. If you don’t post that you’ve done it, it’s reasonable to assume you need to be asked for confirmation. We have plenty of smart people here who get blinders on once in a while and completely miss the obvious.

Reacting as if it’s an insult to go through a checklist of verification steps is the wrong attitude. It doesn’t mean the feature isn’t bugged, but we can’t know until the person asking for help provides all the available info that the helpers don’t have.


Max I post on here regularly and it’s next to every post that just on this profile alone I’ve been playing Forza for 10 years, if I’ve been playing a racing series for a decade and not knowing when I’m driving a car + what car it is, particularly the cover car of the game that I think is the best Forza will ever get then something would be incredibly wrong.

I already apologised before I said what I did because I know how it sounds but asking a Forza player if they’re sure they’re driving a car is like asking a COD player if they’re sure they’re firing a gun.

It may be the wrong attitude but I guarantee most people in the real world would feel you’re treating them like they’re stupid if you questioned them doing the most elementary thing in something they have a lot of experience in, even if they wouldn’t say it.

I was already well aware I was going to sound like a lot of words that aren’t allowed on here but that’s how I feel, I personally would assume anyone coming here pays a certain level of attention to what they do in the game that is well above not knowing when + what they’re driving.